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The Reid Remix

How the Chiefs’ play-action passing game can expand in 2022

After last week’s look into rushing, the play-action game is the natural follow-up for the next installment of this series.

The Reid Remix: How Chiefs’ rushing attack can be more impactful in 2022

The summer series continues by looking at how important the run game could be for Kansas City this year.

The Reid Remix: How new wide receivers can fit into the Chiefs’ offense

The latest edition of this summer series focuses on the ways Kansas City can utilize their new weapons.

How Clyde Edwards-Helaire can boost the Chiefs’ offense

This summer series turns its focus to the third-year running back with plenty to prove in 2022.

The Reid Remix: How Mecole Hardman’s role can expand in 2022

Ron Kopp’s summer series rolls on with a look at how the Kansas City’s most experienced wide receiver can step up.

How the Chiefs’ offense can change without Tyreek Hill

The Chiefs’ offense will look different in 2022 — but in what ways? In this summer series, we’ll dive into the possibilities.