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Summer of Spags

Trap coverages: a great companion for Spagnuolo’s exotic blitz packages

The Summer of Spags continues with a common coverage that Steve Spagnuolo could use with his blitz packages.

How the Chiefs defense could benefit from implementing this “off-speed pitch”

The Summer of Spags continues with a curveball in Steve Spagnuolo’s empty blitz packages.

Willie Gay Jr’s athleticism could give the Chiefs another pass-rushing tool

The Summer of Spags continues with a blitzing technique that suits the athleticism the Chiefs have added this offseason.

The Chiefs defense could use Mint fronts to keep offenses guessing

The Summer of Spags continues with a look at a defensive variant that can defend against the run or the pass on early downs.

A new defensive wrinkle the Chiefs could explore in 2020

Our offseason series returns with some concepts that Steve Spagnuolo could implement in 2020.

Examining the Chiefs defensive line against the run

Let’s examine how Steve Spagnuolo’s defensive line will defend against the run.

Summer of Spags: Learning about Spagnuolo’s 4-read coverage

How and when could Steve Spagnuolo use 4-read coverage in 2019?

Steve Spagnuolo’s 2-read coverage: how it works and why it works

How could Steve Spagnuolo implement 2-read coverage?

Understanding the basics of Steve Spagnuolo’s pattern-matching coverages

The Summer of Spags continues with an introduction to the concepts of pattern-matching coverages

How Steve Spagnuolo plans to use his safeties and linebackers

Looking into the safety and linebacker coverage techniques that we could see the Chiefs deploy in 2019

How Chiefs defensive coordinator Steve Spagnuolo coaches his cornerbacks to play

Looking into the cornerback techniques that we could see the Chiefs implement in 2019.

Examining the Chiefs’ front in Steve Spagnuolo’s nickel defense

As the Summer of Spags continues, let’s examine how the front is deployed in the nickel defense.

Breaking down the front seven in Steve Spagnuolo’s 4-3 defense

As the series continues, let’s examine the front seven in the base defense

We find versatility and unpredictability in Steve Spagnuolo’s defensive secondaries

We kick off our Summer of Spags series with a look at how Steve Spagnulo aligns his personnel in his 4-3 Under scheme

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