Chiefs S Eric Berry Signs Multi-Year Deal With Adidas

When Eric Berry was drafted fifth overall by the Chiefs, he knew he would soon sign a contract worth over $25 million in guaranteed money.

Now, he's about to get paid once again. According to an adidas press release, Berry signed a "multi-year partnership" with the shoe and apparel company.

"I'm very excited to continue my relationship with adidas," said Berry. "I wore the three stripes at Tennessee and feel very comfortable in the gear. I am confident adidas products will help me take my game to an even higher level in the NFL."

Berry joins fellow 2010 draftee C.J. Spiller as well as Reggie Bush, Mario Williams and Lawrence Timmons as adidas clients.

Terms of the contract weren't announced but for a reference, Tim Tebow will earn a minimum of $300,000 from Nike as well as other incentives.

Interesting choice for Mr. Berry. adidas only has a handful of NFL folks signed on.

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The two remaining members of the adidas board strongly pushed for this deal...

RIP Jam Master Jay

Chiefs S Eric Berry Signs multi-year deal. Woohoo!

…with a Adidas. Damn it!

But still, good for Eric

If only he did sign his contract with the Kansas City Chiefs that fast.

Than we be in business.

When I saw the Tweet his Chiefs contract was the first thing I thought of

Same here.

Was really disappointed.

I wore the three stripes at Tennessee and feel very comfortable in the gear. I am confident adidas products will help me take my game to an even higher level in the NFL.

This guy just knows how to say the right things. I think Adidas made a fine investment.

I must have been living under a rock

I thought this was a reebok league and you could only wear reebok.

i don't think reebok would be too upset...

adidas owns them.



I think during NFL games that might even be correct

Nike, adidas,bwho ever

The man is getting paid! Hopefully we got a monster, i mean look at how the steelers did without Troy. He has one heck of a job coming up, he should be preparing for week 5, heck thats the game thats gonna tell us how much improved the D will be. I know it takes time, but the second year should show the direction we r headed. Its an exciting time to be a Chief right now IMO. Just what if we beat the Colts? Crennel sure knows how to handle Peyton.

You forgot to mention

that I also have a multi-year deal with adidas for blogging.

I have a long-term contract with Wells Fargo

Unfortunately, money typically flows away from me.

I like it. I'm a lifelong adidas customer.

Nike sucks.


Although Adidas isnt’ much better, except for footwear that requires spikes/cleats. I wouldn’t buy their running shoes, for example.

Gotta love these, though

Yep, they're near the top for soccer shoes

I admit I wore some of those when I was a kid, and sometimes for schools shoes instead of just indoor soccer. I definitely think the other brother’s shoes, Pumas, are underrated.

Want to read a little history on the Puma/Adidas rivalry? This is as good as it gets:

Great news!

Now if someone could just expose that damn Acai berry diet! Curse you acai berrys!!!!


The internet advertising industry is on it.

berry eats acai berries I think that’s a match made in heaven.


Will Adidas carry any Chiefs apparel? Or are we just going to get black work out gear and shoes with a small #29 stitched on?

Granted, I won’t buy Adidas stuff just because we got a supposed stud player… I’m just curious.

I will.. LOL im already an adidas fan tho..


I love adidas and now EB will wear the best brand in sports…


The 5th is rollin’ in the dough now!

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