Why didn't we attempt the 61 yard field goal?


I've been sad watching the rest of the playoffs and just had a thought: Why didn't give Butker a shot at a 61 yarder to take the lead? Seems like similar odds as Alex converting on 4th and 9.



Yeah, that just happened...

First official Chiefs depth chart of 2017 is out. Take with a grain of salt.


A very early depth chart that probably doesn't tell us a whole lot for who the surprise contributors will be. Considering Charcandrick West's and Tyler Bray's spot on the depth chart it feels like a front to showcase them for other teams to trade for honestly.

Why deep passing stats aren't everything.


Chad freaking Pennington and Matt Schaub share the list with Kurt Warner. Deep passing isn't everything folks.

Alex Smith Mural??


Mural in Belfast, UK

Raider Hater


Chiefs fan in NC showing off his fandom. License plate reads: R8R H8R bigger, clearer image:

I love MHR


I have preached that Brock Oscarmeyer sucked over @ MHR. They denied it, called me an idiot, made fun of AP. Once he went to Houston they all changed their collective Tunes.. Now I have begun my Lynch campaign. Hes Oz 2.0 in my eyes. Ive made a comparison and apparently it didn't go over to well lol... I love MHR

The First Trophy Pat Mahomes Gives Clark Hunt


Feb 4, 2017; Houston, TX, USA; Texas Tech quarterback Patrick Mahomes II presents the humanitarian award to Kansas City Chiefs owner Clark Hunt during the Leigh Steinberg party at Hughes Manor. Mandatory Credit: John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports