I believe I have found a couple new hobbies.


The first is an Idea I had, listen to the pre-game predictions of the experts, to enjoy a little schadenfreud. Check out Kellerman's take on the Chiefs, pre-game. He's gonna regret what he said, holy cow. (cont'd in comments)

Chiefs social media has been on fire


Great video of the Donkey fans

Jalen Ramsey worriedly musing on the Chiefs Offense


He's driving, walking, drinking, getting a tattoo? Talking Chiefs.

Aunty Mahomes calls into Voch Lombardi


Voch Lombardi opens up the phone lines and Pat's aunt puts the media on blast regarding her nephew.

Gridiron heights


All around hilarious but Patrick's voice and demeanor is just hysterical

Dick Vermeil on Mahomes "Best I've Ever Seen"


Dick Vermeil on Mahomes

Look at where thinks we're going to rank in the draft!


Yeah, I get that it's early. Too early. But still, after years of being neglected by the national media, I find it thrilling to see where placed the Chiefs in their "way-too-early" order for next year's draft.

Chiefs were Robbed on 3rd & 15 Conversion.


I have no idea why Andy Reid did not challenge this call. Probably for the same reason he repeatedly throws away the end of first half possessions and keeps Timeouts in his pocket.

We could stille trade and sign ET29 to a long term deal


Obviously anything close to a second rounder is off the table but you would have to think Seattle would rather get something as opposed to nothing?