Bye ball!


Stephen A. Smith on what Rex Ryan could do for KC


I know, Stephen A. Smith makes his living being over the top and, at times, obnoxiously emotive. He's not the only one who has been making the case for Rex Ryan, though. Not even close.

Video: Dee Ford asking OLBs coach Mike Smith if he was offsides


Ford appeared to have no clue right after the play

If you want happiness, don't read this stat


Teams in the playoffs at home that scored 30+ points with zero turnovers are now 2-46 all time. Only other team to "accomplish" this feat was the 1977 Baltimore Colts who also lost 37-31 in OT to the Raiders.



Bob Sutton Relieved of Defensive Coordinator Duties STATEMENT FROM CHIEFS HEAD COACH ANDY REID "Bob is a good football coach and a great person. He played an integral role in the success of our team over the last six seasons. I’ve said before that change can be a good thing, for both parties, and I believe that is the case here for the Chiefs and Bob. This was not an easy decision, but one I feel is in the best interest of the Kansas City Chiefs moving forward."

Thank you for a great season!


Kansas City Chiefs - Whatever It Takes


Kansas City Chiefs AFC Championship Hype Video. Edited by DuctTapeMessiah Like. Comment. Share please! Song: Imagine Dragons - Whatever It Takes Footage: Kansas City Chiefs and NFL. #ArrowheadPride #letsroll

60 minutes...


I was watching The Rock's new show on NBC on my DVR this week and when the contestants were getting ready he said something that stuck in my head: "All I want... is everything you've got." Chiefs Kingdom, this post is to ask the same of you. All I want... is everything you've got for 60 minutes. For 3600 ticks of the stadium clock, we need everyone dialed in and committed to being the Loudest Stadium in the World. Games in the NFL can swing entirely on one play. One false start can cause a TD drive to be a 3 and out. One miscommunication on a snap can be a turnover. 75K+ defenders of the Kingdom can be the difference. All season I've listened to radio personalties/ tv personalities/ idiots on twitter say that the mystique of playing on the road at Arrowhead is dead. That Arrowhead isn't as great of a home field advantage as it once was. We have 60 minutes on Sunday to change that narrative. Not a single one of us will play on Sunday. Not a single one of us can impact the game. But 75K+ of us together can. Chiefs Kingdom can be the difference. All I want... is everything you've got. 60 minutes.

GMFB's Kyle Brandt defends Chiefs fans and Arrowhead Stadium


One week after picking the Indianapolis Colts, Good Morning Football panelist Kyle Brandt has returned from the dark side.

Full Chiefs press conferences from Wednesday media availability


Watch Andy Reid, Patrick Mahomes, Damien Williams, Justin Houston and Travis Kelce take the podium.