One of my illustrations is being given out this Sunday


For those of you going to the game on Sunday, one of my illustrations will be given away at the door in the form of a 26" fan banner to hold up during the game. I believe the other side will have a team photo. Just a heads up! Go Chiefs!

Andy Reid the leader for coach of the year




So this season has been a roller coaster of a ride for most of us, but man has it been fun! I predicted before the season began that the Chiefs would go 11-5 and make the playoffs as a Wild Card, but even that now looks like an understatement with us already at 11 wins with 2 games to go. Now I live way out here in North Carolina and do my best to follow the Chiefs every game as best as I can. It came to my attention the other day that when I watch the Chiefs play on the internet through various online sites, mainly FirstRowSports, that the Chiefs haven't lost! Yes that's right, the only three games the Chiefs lost this year were all on the television here in North Carolina. So now that presents me with a situation of quite unfortunate circumstances. We've all seen the various beer commercials with individuals doing ridiculous things for their teams success, whether it be staying in the basement to watch the game, or inviting "Ramsey" over to watch, or even playing the dreaded "I don't wanna wait" song, and here is my situation. Do I continue to watch games online even though the game this Sunday is projected by to be played on television in my area of North Carolina, following this silly superstition as if they were real? Anyone else here have any GameDay traditions/superstitions they follow and actually have success with?

Alex Smith on Mike and Mike


Vanilla, as always, but always good interview by Mike and Mike

LIVE Vote Happening on ESPN right now! Vote Chiefs!!


ESPN Live vote on which Wild Card team is most likely to win the Super Bowl

Arrowhead forecast for the weekend looks interesting


Check out the 7-day National Weather Service forecast for Arrowhead! As of today, 70% chance of overnight snow and 40% chance of snow during the game. High temp Sunday below 30F! I'd hate to be a dome team

Alex Smith for Fed-Ex Air Player of the week.


Up against Tannehill and Cassel....Go Vote!!