Derrick Thomas had HUGE hands


Not as bad as I thought


Pretty much a year to year deal

The Tale of Two QB Contract Negotiations


After spending the offseason angling for a big-money contract extension, Colin Kaepernick got his deal. Is ex-teammate Alex Smith next? Some unique challenges stand in the way

Justin Houston 57 best player


I feel like he should be higher, more like top 40-45 range. but the commentary is very good!! Suggs gives Tamba and Justin lots of love,"best in the position".

Kaepernick, 49ers reach agreement


Will this have any influence on AS11's contract?

Colin Kaepernick and 49ers reached agreement on 6-year extension worth over $100 million tying him to team through 2020, per sources.

— Adam Schefter (@AdamSchefter) June 4, 2014

Chiefs fans from the 1960s ... not all that different from today!


From the 1963 article: "Stram also hears from the needling fans, too. A telegram he received this week from New York, signed Al Disgusted, read: "Can't we have some other team on TV every Sunday rather than your losing, sloppy, give-up club? And that quarterback of yours throws more to the opposition than his own men."" (Via @KcZiLlEsTfAnZ)

No, no, no, no, no!


If we lose out on Alex Smith ( I have only heard rumors of him leaving, not sure if it is true) do you think we should pick up Tim Tebow? Should we pick up Tim Tebow even if we have Alex Smith? What are your thoughts?

Cameron Leslie - If we lose out on Alex Smith ( I have only heard...

Contract Negotiation - Recap


In case you missed my Fan Post on the Mock Contract Negotiation ( Here's the final recap that was posted on 6/1.

Urban Meyer Claims Alex Smith Had Photographic Memory


"Alex Smith was a photographic memory guy. I've never seen anything like that. Alex Smith could walk in and lecture you on offensive football for five hours, think about that, and he'd do all the talking," Meyer said.

How Ohio State QB pledge Joe Burrow went from 'not that good' to Urban Meyer comparing him to Alex Smith: Buckeyes recruiting