Old school SI covers featuring the Chiefs


Chiefs Cut Flowers


In a suspected move June 1st, the KC Chiefs did exactly what many said might happen. The lawns keeper said it was an honest mistake. "There weren't any blooms and I thought it was just a tall patch of weeds." More important news will be forthcoming.

Chiefs CBs are cousins, competing for the same job


One problem. Both are cornerbacks. It’s going to be difficult for one of them to crack a roster that includes 10 corners heading into training camp, much less both.

Chiefs’ cornerback cousins DeMarcus and David Van Dyke compete for same job -

Is Smith worth Cutler money?


Even if you ignore games spent on the bench for all QB's but Smith, #11 still has at least 3 more wins than all others since 2011.

Checking in on Weston Dressler


Nice write-up on the Canadian WR's offseason.

Grunhard jerseys alive and well


QB evaluations - which is more important height or weight?


If you like statistics this may be very interesting to you. Allot of it is over my head but I found it worthwhile to read none the less.

Eric Berry's football camp this weekend


Alex Smith's the weekend after that.

Chiefs fan in enemy territory