The last time the Chiefs played the Bears


They had gone 31 possessions without a TD up to this point.

The cake for the wedding at Arrowhead


It's an Arrowhead wedding!


Unseasonably hot at Arrowhead for Bears-Chiefs


A reminder that Jamaal Charles is historically good


Chiefs LB's too old?


The Chiefs are actually among the youngest teams in the NFL, the product of several seasons spent picking early in the draft. But they also have a pair of starting linebackers in Derrick Johnson and Tamba Hali that are among the oldest in the NFL, raising the question: Has the game started to catch up to two of the best to ever wear a Chiefs uniform?

Look who was at the Royals game last night


LSU makes South Carolina Feel At Home ...


the game, originally scheduled to be in SC, has been moved due to the flooding, so LSU is taking every step to make SC the "home team" ... very cool stuff here (and LSU knows how it feels to be in the position SC is in right now) ... almost makes me want to hug a Raider fan