Animated recap of KC's sports year


Including Andy Reid animated dab.

Kendall Gammon's dad bod wins combine weekend


Winner for best tweet of the weekend. We heart Kendall.

Here are the most popular FanPosts over the last month


Why the Chiefs won't make the playoffs in 2016


Lastly, and this is likely the last thing Chiefs fans (or anybody associated with the team) wants to hear, but the AFC West still belongs to the Denver Broncos. Sure, the Chiefs beat the Denver on the road this year, and getting All-Pro Jamaal Charles back at full strength will be huge, but there is really no way that we see them ending the Broncos’ streak of five-straight division titles in 2016. And on that note, we don’t see the Chiefs locking up one of the AFC’s two Wild Card slots either.

Salary cap may be more


Burbank ordered the NFL to return the money to the shared revenue pool immediately, which, if the union’s calculations are correct, should increase the salary cap for the 2016 season by about $1.5 million per team. also here

Broncos sign Phil Taylor and Richard Gordon


Several of us liked Phil Taylor as he was coming in to the NFL. Richard Gordon should also be a familiar face to those of you who remember third string blocking tight ends well.

SportsBeat KC: NFL Scouting Combine preview


Don't miss Terez Paylor's newest podcast talking with Matt Miller about Chiefs fits in the draft.