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Posterized: Hail To The King

Check out the latest Posterized painting by Kansas City artist Chris Sembower

Chris Sembower

What's up everyone! It's been a while. 

I've got a bunch of pretty cool new stuff coming up, but I wanted to lead the way with a painting of the Chiefs newest sack king, Justin Houston. It's pretty crazy to see someone unseat our beloved Derrick Thomas, but I thought it had to be commemorated. 

I attended the San Diego game where Houston put the stranglehold on the record, and  during the final moments of the game in a weird twist of fate, I found myself standing about five feet away from Derrion Thomas, Derrick's son. I gave him an appropriate little "Go Derrick Thomas!" fist pump on the way out (admittedly, still in a little bit of shock that the record had been broken).

Prints are available in paper stock, or a gorgeous acrylic material on my website (just about any material could be arranged, however).

I'll be working on a Will Shields piece very soon! Catch the updates on Facebook or Twitter.

Go Chiefs!!