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Posterized By Chris Sembower

Put all of Chris Sembower's Posterized here.

Coming soon: The story of Chris Sembower

The famous Chiefs artist will have an episode of Chiefs Kingdom dedicated to him.

Posterized: Hop in the DeLorean

Today we celebrate Derrick Thomas, Neil Smith, and the Sack / Fumble.

Posterized: Inside Arrowhead

Here's what I've been working on lately.

Posterized: TFL

Look at Derrick Johnson take down the Cardinals.

Posterized: Hali / Ali

Chris Sembower's riff on Tamba Hali and Muhammad Ali.

Posterized: Head Rush

Posterized: Head Rush | New painting by @ChrisSembower!

Posterized: Speed & Bleed

The new Chiefs backfield.

Posterized: Gifts For Everyone!

Hop on over to my Facebook page to get a look at this large!

Posterized: Anticipation After Free Agency Electrifies Arrowhead Stadium

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Brian Daboll: Another Perspective

Posterized: The Nigerian Nightmare

I've got another one for you guys. I had actually started this one during the bye week sort of like how I did the Derrick Thomas painting last season, but things just got busy.

Posterized: Tim Tebow Meets Kendrick Lewis

Work delayed this one, but I think the timing is still OK. After all, the Raiders got to bask in the glory of what they did to us in the final game of last year all throughout the offseason, so why shouldn't we start things off with a bang as well?

Posterized: Arrowhead Magic Part II

Posterized: Romeo Crennel Makes A Splash In His Chiefs Head Coaching Debut

Posterized: Justin Houston Breaks Out

Maclin discovers Chris Sembower

The Chiefs new WR checks out Sembower's new painting.

Posterized: Hail To The King

Catch the latest original Chiefs painting by artist Chris Sembower!

Posterized: Space with a view

Check out the latest painting by artist Chris Sembower

Posterized: Sutton Death

Catch the latest Posterized painting by artist Chris Sembower!

Posterized: Linc Leverage

Check out the latest Posterized painting by artist Chris Sembower, featuring head coach Andy Reid of the KC Chiefs!

Posterized: Doubletime

Check out the latest Chiefs painting by artist Chris Sembower, featuring Justin Houston and Dontari Poe!

Posterized: Sky High

Get this new hand-painted creation by artist Chris Sembower, featuring Chiefs newly re-signed receiver Dwayne Bowe!

Featured Fanshot

I apologize that this is so late! Holiday/family stuff put this on the back-burner for the last few...

Featured Fanshot

Happy Holidays everyone! I had to do a Governor's Cup piece... With all due respect to Wally,...

Featured Fanshot

This week, Chiefs fans, I'm opting for amnesia. Backup quarterback... Revenge... Sunshine in...

Featured Fanshot

Asked and received! A few of you were Rec'ing up the idea of a Haley Posterized image in my post...

Featured Fanshot

What a second Broncos game! I meant to get this up this morning before I headed out to tailgate...

Featured Fanshot

Happy Gameday everyone! I hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving... I know I did. This week's...

Featured Fanshot

This week's image is a bit belated, but better late than never, right? I must admit, this...

Featured Fanshot

Not Chiefs related, but I thought I would share this anyways I've always wanted to do a...

Featured Fanshot

Go "6.5"! Sorry, I had to :D This is my official petition for an increase in his Madden...

Featured Fanshot

I think this may be one of my favorite paintings to date. It was a lot of fun to create. Another...

Featured Fanshot

I was livid when I saw the play that preceeded this "argument." I've calmed down since, but it...

Featured Fanshot

The Elusive Peyton Manning Interception ~by Tamba Hali and Jon McGraw I was torn on what...

Featured Fanshot

Everyone can thank AP user Holmeslice for this Derrick Thomas image, along with anyone who rec'd up...

Featured Fanshot

Posterized: Bye Week Edition | Vote!

Ok everyone here is my poll for this upcoming week's Posterized image. I'm throwing a change-up and this week's image will feature a hall of famer (of your choice) from the Chiefs' only Super Bowl team. This week's image will not be painted as the previous image, but the medium will not be revealed until next week, in an attempt to corral all the excitement as possible > :D The poll closes sunday night so get your votes in before then!

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