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The Chiefs Defense With KaloPhoenix

Put all of KaloPhoenix's front 7 evaluations in here.

Bob Sutton's science lab

The Chiefs defense was awful this week against the Panthers, and there's cause for concern...right? Not quite. Let me bust some of those myths.

Chiefs D, Week 1: Yin and yang

Craig brings you a player-by-player breakdown of good and bad performances by the Chiefs first team defense.

The evolution of a star (from 2014)

Craig takes a look back at just how awesome Derrick Johnson has become as a 3-4 inside linebacker, and how he got here.

Scheming Sutton: The secondary

With the wounds still fresh from the Chiefs early playoff exit, Craig reviews the schemes the Chiefs secondary and DC Bob Sutton employed, and discusses the most important move of the offseason.

Chiefs defense, Week 7: Building A Brick Wall

The Kansas City Chiefs defense continued to show why they're considered one of the best in the league this week against Houston. Kalo talks about some things he liked, didn't like, and gives the numbers for the week.

Chiefs D: Legitimately tough

The Kansas City Chiefs defense once again came up huge in Week 6 against the Oakland Raiders. Kalo talks toughness and compares this week's game to previous years.

The goal line stand

The Kansas City Chiefs defense put the clamps on the Tennessee Titans on Sunday. Kalo loves seeing more Marcus Cooper, enjoys Tamba and DJ's performances, and highlights the goal line stand.

Chiefs D, Week 4: Hangin' with Mr. Cooper

Once again, the Kansas City Chiefs defense showed why it's one of the best in the league on Sunday. Kalo gives the numbers, gushes about Akeem Jordan, is disappointed in Dunta Robinson, and wants to see more Marcus Cooper.

Chiefs D, Week 2: The Poe show

The Chiefs once again came out ahead this week behind a strong defensive showing, particularly from nose tackle Dontari Poe. Kalo sums up the big guy's day and shows some other bright spots on the defense.

Chiefs D, Week 1: Sack city!

The Chiefs defense came out and smothered the Jacksonville Jaguars on Week 1, tallying 6 sacks, 2 INT's, 1 pick six, and countless negative plays. Kalo shows you how they did it.

Chiefs D, Week 3: Under pressure!

This week, KaloPhoenix loves the blitz, hates the short coverage, and gets surprised by the statistics against the Steelers.

The defense, Week 2: They're everywhere!

This week, KaloPhoenix tries to keep up with all the different formations that Bob Sutton uses, continues his Eric-Berry-at-linebacker crush, and is impressed with the secondary.

The defensive starters: 1st drive recap

The Chiefs first-team defense held Drew Brees and a potent New Orleans offense to minimal yardage in Preseason Week 1.

Finding the Chiefs ILB: Free Agency Edition

With a massive hole at Inside Linebacker, the Kansas City Chiefs will need to address the position. It just so happens that a great fit could hit the Free Agent market this year in Dannell Ellerbe.

Jack of all trades

With Sutton becoming the new defensive coordinator, Kalo takes a deeper look at his schemes, successes, and what it means for the Chiefs.

Back to the 4-3? The future defense

It's been 4 years since the Chiefs switched to the 3-4 defense, and they've stockpiled the players for it. So why would they change it?

Kalo's Front 7 Analysis: Week 10

KaloPhoenix is back with his weekly defensive line analysis.

Chiefs front 7 evaluation: Week 8

The Chiefs had a strong first half coupled with a second half meltdown, making for some below-average numbers.

Chiefs front 7 evaluation: Week 5

The Chiefs defense held a top five offense to nine points last Sunday. Here's how they did it.

This is why DJ is so important

The Chiefs need this guy.

Chiefs front 7 evaluation: D steps up

The Chiefs defense played well enough to win. KaloPhoenix tells you how they did it.

Kansas City Chiefs Front 7 Evaluation: Week 2

Kansas City Chiefs Front 7 Evaluation: Week 1

So how did the Chiefs D do?

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Opinions on this year's Defensive Breakdowns

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How the Chiefs Defense Became Versatile Again

Kalo's Knockdown: 3-4 Defense 101

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Formation Experimentation: The 3-5-3

Formation Experimentation: The 3-5-3

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Defensive Analysis of a Chiefs Play: The TE Post

Defensive Analysis of a Chiefs Play: The TE Post

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A look into the 4-3 Under

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