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What's worse than losing Dwayne Bowe?

Everywhere you look right now rumors are swirling about the Kansas City Chiefs wide receiver.

Otto Greule Jr - Getty Images

You gotta love twitter when it comes to these times of the NFL season. It happens right around the NFL draft with false information and reports of teams being interested in one particular player, the beginning of free agency each year, and even right now as we approach the trade deadline of October 30th. Everyone and their brother picks up on one false report or tweet and runs with it and then there's no stopping it after that.

There hasn't been anything official that has been stated regarding Dwayne Bowe's status but you wouldn't know that from searching around the twittersphere within the last 24 hours. A report from Yahoo's Jason Cole was misunderstood, which he had to clarify later, and pretty much started all of this when a Miami reporter misunderstood Cole's report.

That's not to say it's not going to happen, but there's nothing to tell us this is in the works right now. That's what started all of this though. But let's not act like if this happened that we'd all be shocked at this point, sadly, nothing could really surprise Kansas City Chiefs fans right now.

The only thing worse than losing Dwayne Bowe is losing Dwayne Bowe and getting nothing back in return. I understand that a compensory draft pick could be awarded but that's kind of like getting a $5 mail in rebate when you buy a $30,000 car (wait 14-18 weeks for check). It might work out but it's not set and stone and it's not the reason you get the car.

The argument for keeping Dwayne Bowe has been made a thousand times from every person who loves this team, and even from those that are really made at this team and organization right now. There is no way to defend losing one of the best offensive weapons on a team that is struggling right now.

It is worth noting that Jason Cole did come back and say that Bowe really wants out of Kansas City. This could be agent-speak, truth, or another twisted rumor. But it's also something that fans don't tend to consider all that often when it comes to free agents. Sometimes it's about more than just money because players like Bowe, Carr, Jamaal Charles, Tamba Hali, those guys were going to get paid from someone even if it wasn't the Chiefs. Maybe he simply doesn't want to stay in Kansas City, regardless of the general manager, head coach or quarterback. We just don't know is what I'm saying.

If the Chiefs were to trade Dwayne Bowe I know that I wouldn't be happy about it because we'd be losing our only legitimate receiving threat right now, but losing him at the end of the season and getting nothing in return would be even worse. At least whoever is playing quarterback for the Chiefs would be forced to throw in another direction if Bowe wasn't on the field for the rest of the season.

What would it take for you to be alright with losing Dwayne Bowe, if anything?

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