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Burnt Ends

Short, funny and interesting posts about the KC Chiefs. Not to be taken seriously.

Fun with snow: Chiefs edition

Redditor dirtyheads182 posted the picture above. The backstory: "My girlfriend was eating snow off the hood of my car and I jokingly pushed her head down... this was the result." Ha!

Is that Dwayne Bowe? Or a snowman?

Did you make a snowman during Tuesday's big winter storm? If you did, it probably wasn't as cool as this one.

This is Alex Smith in a Chiefs jersey

Have you ever seen Alex Smith and Damon Huard in the same room?

"Want to Trade my Chiefs Bus for house"

Chiefs fans, you never disappoint. A Northland man has posted this Craigslist ad which involves trading his Chiefs bus for a house.

Can you spot the Chiefs fan?

We do claim to be your source for everything Kansas City Chiefs. So here's a picture of a Chiefs fans spotted in the crowd at the Kansas-Oklahoma game.

This dog is in a Chiefs jersey

Via Reddit user Kaizix, check out this adorable dog in a Kansas City Chiefs jersey. One problem though: that's a Larry Johnson jersey. Maybe tape over the name and call it an Abe Elam jersey. Or a Donald Washington jersey. Anything but 2.7.

The craziest Chiefs tattoo you'll ever see

Wow! Reddit user DementedDiabetic posted this picture and ... well, it's sure something.

Dwayne Bowe meets a Chiefs fan

Chiefs WR Dwayne Bowe met a 43-year season ticket holder.

Merrill Hoge's top 5 QBs

Crazy Merrill Hoge is at it again. This time he ranks Joe Flacco as the NFL's No. 1 quarterback. What's that? Sure, I'll repeat it: Merrill Hoge ranks Joe Flacco as the No. 1 QB in the NFL.

Check out this KC Chiefs birthday cake

My birthday is in November, which gives me 10 months to find a KC Chiefs cake like this.

'He must work out'

Eric Berry posted a picture of himself on Instagram this week.

'Them dudes don't know nothing'

Kansas City Chiefs offensive tackles Donald Stephenson and Branden Albert had an NFL Draft conversation on Twitter last night. By "conversation" I mean they tweeted at each other like twice. Read along to see what they said.

Why so many Chiefs fans in Alaska?

Facebook took a look at all the likes for NFL teams, where they were coming from, and then created this map, which is a very cool (and unique) set of data about NFL fans and their favorite teams.

Here's Jamaal at the Pro Bowl

That's a picture of Jamaal Charles at the 2013 Pro Bowl in Hawaii. Can you name the other players?

Did you rep a Starter jacket in the 1990s?

It all started when I pointed out that this 1997 picture included a LOT of Starter jackets.

Sometimes the pictures align perfectly

No one else caught this on the site last month?

You like your new OC?

Brandon Flowers was asked about the Chiefs new offensive coordinator, Doug Pederson, and his answer is funny (in a "it's so bad it's funny" sorta way).

A new Andy Reid to the Chiefs shirt

The Chiefs have finalized a deal with Andy Reid, making him the 13th coach in franchise history. What's the next step? Why it's making t-shirts of him, of course.

Beavis and Butthead just heard the news

Beavis and Butthead are late to the party. They just heard that the Kansas City Chiefs made it official with Andy Reid, tweeting out the picture of Reid signing his contract with the Chiefs. Watch Beavis and Butthead's reaction.

How many hours? NINE!

On Wednesday Andy Reid and a group of seven reps from the Chiefs, including owner Clark Hunt, GM Scott Pioli and team president Mark Donovan, met in Philly for an interview Things apparently went well after the meeting went nine hours.

Pioli in his new office

This is a good photoshop.

This is Geno Smith in a Chiefs uniform

Not bad.

Pirates of Arrowhead

Via Sean_Malto on Instagram

They're here

The Colts have arrived.

Chiefs Christmas tree topper


Spiderman and Mighty Mouse

That's Spiderman (Andre Rison) on the left and Mighty Mouse (Mark McMillian) on the right.

That Week 16 flu

In response to our injury report post, which pointed out a few Chiefs having the flu, @robcarpino tweets...

This joke is too easy


Why isn't Ricky Stanzi playing?


This is just about the cutest thing ever


Pats score more than Chiefs and Jags combined

Those jerks.

Cassel and Quinn have some company

50 times!

Chiefs! I mean fire!

I'm not sure I have the answer.

Raider fan fights security guard

This appears to come from Sunday's game against the Chiefs.

Elvis Grbac is always watching you

Elvis Grbac is always watching you.

Depressing Peyton Hillis stat

The great free agent signing of 2012.

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