Let's Talk RBs

McKinnon has been injured frequently so I could see us moving on. IP will be in his 3rd year of 4, paying him 1 million in 2024 and 1.1 in 2025. Definitely a bargain. CEH is a FA. I could see the FO signing him to an inexpensive vet min deal or I could see us moving on. Let's say we move on from CEH AND Jet. This leave Deneric Prince and Lamical Perine as possible backs. I think if either were going to contribute in a meaningful way, we would have seen one or both down the stretch a bit more as Jet has struggled with some injury concerns, but Prince has only 15 snaps, all on special teams, and Perine has 22 carries for 76 yards for the whole season, mostly in the final Chargers game, where few starters played. Let's say these two are PS players only. That leaves the draft and FA.

Draft - I would not want to spend more than a 4th round on a RB, given we have our starter. Our 4th rounder will be pick 132 or 133, 5th round, pick 158 and 172, and we have no 6th round or 7th round pick.

Pick 133 - likely candidates -

Jaylen Wright, 5'11", 210 - RUNS A 4.31! Would be a good get but I think he's gone. Draft Buzz has him around 127, but if there is any kind of run on RBs, he'll be gone by our pick.

Pick 158 or 172 - likely candidates -

Cody Schrader, 5'8", 207, 4.60, sounds a lot like CEH without the price tag of a 1st. 39 catches last two years. Local boy might make good (out of Missouri). Draft Buzz has him at 161.

Frank Gore, Jr., 5'7", 199, 4.50, has the pedigree, but not the size of dad. 46 catches total last two years. Draft Buzz has him at 169.

My favorite (and I picked both Pacheco and Prince):

Jawhar Jordan, 5'7, 185 - 4.30! This is our Jet replacement, only MUCH faster. 21 catches in 2023 for 246 yards. But also good runner. Had 181 carries for 1123 yards, 6.2 avg, for Louisville.

FAs -

Best would probably be King Henry, who some think would play for a contender for around $4-5mil, which, a couple years ago, would be an absolute steal. Not sure he has it anymore.

Jacobs, Pollard, Barkley, and Ekeler will all be out of our range. DeAndre Swift and Devin Singletary are a couple names who might be in the $5-7 million range, but with IP, I think we'd be looking more for a complimentary back. Names to watch:

AJ Dillon

Antonio Gibson

D'Ernest Johnson

Zack Moss

I really like Moss if we could get him here for $4 million ish...

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