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During Monday event, Kadarius Toney denies attacking the Chiefs on Instagram

During Super Bowl LVIII’s Opening Night, the Kansas City wideout sought to set the record straight.

Jacksonville Jaguars v Kansas City Chiefs Photo by Jason Hanna/Getty Images

Controversy has been swirling around Kansas City Chiefs wide receiver Kadarius Toney for almost two weeks.

Before the AFC Championship game, an Instagram Live audio recording of what appeared to be Toney’s voice was posted on an account that seemed to be in his control. The recording was widely interpreted to claim that the Chiefs had been falsifying his condition in their weekly injury reports.

A week ago, head coach Andy Reid said that Toney would be back at practice — and in the first injury report of the Super Bowl bye week, Toney was no longer listed.

Then during the Super Bowl LVIII Opening Night telecast on Monday night, NFL Network ran an interview with Toney. He said that the whole thing began as a way to give his side of the story regarding his injuries.

“It kind of started that [way], but in the process of that, I [got] interrupted,” he explained. “So it got like a mixed message behind it — I guess you could say — and then a lot of footage got chopped up in the release. So it made it [sound] like I was attacking the one that I love the most — [as if] I made the post I was referring to.

“I never attacked the Chiefs; [I] never said anything about the Chiefs. Who I was referring to [were] the Giants fans or other people in my comment box — not even on my live recording. So you wouldn’t even know they were there. But I was referring to them — which I shouldn’t have.

“I just wanted to go out [to] get my message across as far as my injury, but I shouldn’t have done it. At the end of the day, I’m a man. I can accept my mistakes just like I accept my wins, you know. But I’m just moving past it right now, you know? We’re here now.”

Toney said he was healthy, so we expect he will not be listed on the next injury report on Wednesday.

And we’ll see what happens next.

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