Chiefs Off Season and Has a chance to be first team ever to Win 3 SBs in a row

This off season and draft what do yall see that we can improve upon?

Myself starting with Draft, I know FA comes before, I would like to see the Chiefs to be agressive in both most notably wishing for a 1st round OT hopeful the Left Tackle. D Smith often hurt, Still dont know about Morris, RT Taylor subjected to to many penalties but dont think can cut as it would cost to much money unless they can restructure his contract ar takes a pay cut. Joe Thuney is getting older and still a great player and Creed is awesome and I think RG is got good comp. We need to protect Patrick Mahomes better and Andy loves drafting Linemen in the trenches. Next imo need to find another TE and RB T Kelce is the GOAT Gray is a nice compliment after that is a crapshoot Belldozer dont have what he had anymore and dont know any other than Matt Bushman. Pacheco is the man but how long can he continue to keep that anger in running without a compliment as CEH is crap and Perine and others has not stepped up and i dont see McKinnon returning next year. WR edition can spend a year on them alone but imo only ones to keep moving forward is 1st and foremost Rice a heck of a rookie season it will be nice to see him advance and see how he is played now that he is known and has a year under his belt. IFFY and only because Chiefs have other pressing needs not in any order is Watson, James, & Ross. Should let go trade or cut MVS, Moore, Toney, Hardman, & Powell These players has not lived up to hype or contracts and has not proven anything and given many chances. Others still unproven and needs to step up cause that group is wide open (no pun intended).

Devensive side gonna be a mess.

Big Contracts that are gonna complicate things 1st and foremost Chris Jones who has shown his true colors and following in lots of others footsteps of Show Me The Money. Doubt takes a home team discount he will be a gun for hire. Sneed deserves to be paid, and has a good group to support him. Reid at safety are the Chiefs gonna treat him like Honey Badger and replace his contract? Omenihu hurt complicats things and Uzi still unproven do we keep our inhouse home players at a higher pay or groom cheaper players hoping for diamond in rough? LB losing possibly Gay and or Tranquil in an ideal world sign them both but not gonna afford both imo Tranquil has the better upside plus having Chenel Bolton and others has been awesome.

Coaching remains to be seen as Andy Reid has stated he aint going nowhere but reports has been speculating otherwise and many other coaches has stated that before and still left. I Hope Andy has a Lifetime Contract and can stay as long as he wants but what better way to retire IF the Chiefs win the SB and gives Andy Back to Back wins cementing his already Hall of Fame Career. Then again He is in a situation to win this SB and the state of the AFC West has no answers and LAC new HC and pretty much rebuilding cause aging players and cap, Denver Payton 2nd year but team still needs lotsa work and possibly looking for QB again, and Raiders are going to be better with a really good staff on paper but talent not quite there and going to need a year to put together. So this puts Andy Reid and the Chiefs in PRIME position to run the West again in 2024 with a struggling Offense still winning the West in 2023 will be better and stronger and a Defense that stepped up their game and performed Greatly will and can improve and DARE I SAY THE CHIEFS HAVE A REAT OPPERTUNITY TO BE FIRST TEAM EVER TO WIN SB 3 YEARS IN A ROW

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