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Isiah Pacheco can’t outrun the memes of his rushes

The running back thinks all the attention he is getting via memes is funny.

AFC Divisional Playoffs - Kansas City Chiefs v Buffalo Bills Photo by Perry Knotts/Getty Images

Kansas City Chiefs running back Isiah Pacheco has seen the memes, and he has his favorites.

“I’ll say the funniest one that I thought was, they said I run like I bite people,” Pacheco told Wednesday’s media with a smile. “Like, I ain’t no zombie, like that was crazy so that was one of the funniest ones.”

The second-year back has captivated the Internet with his style of running, which is often described as “angry.” Pacheco says he does run with anger, but it’s also with a purpose.

“For me, it’s just being determined and understanding that I have a goal to achieve and we wanna get the job done,” Pacheco said of his iconic running style.

With the way he runs, an occasional injury is understandable. Pacheco had 15 carries for 76 yards and a touchdown in Super Bowl LVII, all while playing through hand and shoulder injuries, for which he needed surgery. Overcoming the minor setback changed his approach this season.

“There was no offseason for me last year, I had surgery,” Pacheco said of managing his health coming into his second season. “So it’s been an ongoing work on ‘going to work,’ so for me to understand that, (I) got the routine down pat and just keep continuing to listen to the leaders, take care of my body and understand the goal we have.”

Pacheco was unable to play against the Buffalo Bills in the regular season but was dominant in last week’s playoff victory over the Bills. Buffalo’s fan base, the self-proclaimed “Bills Mafia,” was combative with Pacheco and the rest of the team, throwing snowballs at the team bus and throughout the entire game.

“We appreciate them throwing snowballs. That was fun. I got some dodging skills off of that,” Pacheco said of the chilly reception from Bills fans.

“It comes with the game when you love competing in that environment, you got to love that and going there with one goal and coming out with the goal that you went there with, it feels amazing.”

Pacheco says that road games with temperamental fans set out to rattle opposing teams add more meaning to Chiefs’ victories. The team expects another challenging atmosphere for this Sunday’s AFC Championship against the Baltimore Ravens.

“It means so much when you have to go into another hostile environment with just a 53-man roster, understanding [that it’s] y’all against the city, and when you come out successful, it means a lot and it shows how hard we’ve been working.”

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