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Chiefs’ Travis Kelce is ready for a ‘hostile environment’ in Buffalo

The Hall of Fame tight end is embracing his first road postseason game in eight years.

Kansas City Chiefs v Buffalo Bills Photo by Timothy T Ludwig/Getty Images

The Kansas City Chiefs are entering very unfamiliar territory this weekend, playing on the road in a postseason game for the first time since January 2016. Not only that, this will be the first time since the 2014 season that the Buffalo Bills will host the Chiefs without attendance restrictions.

It makes for a great atmosphere for an intense postseason game, and that’s music to tight end Travis Kelce’s ears. He talked about the rare road trip when speaking with reporters on Friday.

“Buffalo, cold, playoff game,” Kelce listed. “It doesn’t get any better, man.”

The temperature won’t reach as low as it did in the Chiefs’ win over the Miami Dolphins on Wild Card weekend, but the game will feature below-freezing marks. On top of a rabid fan base, there is plenty for Chiefs’ players and coaches to overcome in the postseason matchup.

The Chiefs welcome that pressure and Kelce says it starts with head coach Andy Reid.

“From the top down, coach Reid does a great job of challenging everybody in the building,” Kelce acknowledged. “It’s not easy to go anywhere and get a win in the NFL, let alone in the playoffs. With that being said, it’s a challenge that has to be met during the week, and coach Reid does a great job of getting everything organized in that regard.”

Kelce cites team meetings as a way for Reid to set the tempo for the week and get into the right frame of mind. The rise of intensity isn’t exclusive to the Chiefs playing away from home; the advancement in the postseason brings that out.

“Everybody has played on the road,” Kelce pointed out. “It’s more that in the playoffs, we just take it up a notch from the Wild Card weekend. Everything speeds up as you go along in the playoffs. I think it’s more important to stay focused, understand your assignments a little bit more, so you can go out there and play as fast as you possibly can.”

That message is more for the Chiefs’ offense than anyone, having to deal with crowd noise in a postseason game for the first time. The communication at the line of scrimmage won’t be as easy, which could make things further difficult for a group that has problems executing in general.

Based on the Wild Card game, the team may even have to dodge snowballs from the crowd. Kelce laughed when thinking about that, knowing worse things could be thrown.

“It’s a hostile environment, isn’t it?” Kelce remarked. “It’s Bills Mafia, that’s their home-field advantage... I grew up in Cleveland; we were throwing beer bottles at people.”

It's Game Time.

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