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Dave Toub says Chiefs-Dolphins was the ‘most extreme’ weather he has ever experienced

Toub discusses last week’s Ice Bowl and previews the upcoming postseason matchup against the Bills.

Kansas City Chiefs v Denver Broncos Photo by Justin Tafoya/Getty Images

Kansas City Chiefs special teams coordinator Dave Toub has coached in plenty of cold weather games throughout his career. However, he’s never experienced anything quite like the frigid conditions of last Saturday’s Wild Card matchup against the Miami Dolphins. With the temperature at kickoff reaching -4 degrees Fahrenheit — plus a windchill making it feel closer to -30 — Saturday’s postseason game was the coldest ever played in Arrowhead Stadium history.

“The most extreme conditions I’ve ever been in, and I was in Chicago for nine years,” Toub revealed to reporters on Thursday. “We had some cold games, but that one, that was a whole other level. It was awesome the way our guys handled it. I thought, the kickers, punters, snappers did a great job and everybody else had the right mental attitude coming in, the whole team. It was impressive. I was proud of those guys.”

The weather will continue to play a significant role in this weekend’s road Divisional Round matchup against the Buffalo Bills. While it won’t be the sub-zero temperatures that the team experienced in Kansas City, Toub says it will still be something that they must factor in as they continue preparations for Sunday’s game.

The weather is going to be a factor again, it sounds like,” Toub noted. “It sounds like it’ll be like 24 degrees and maybe 10 mph winds, so it’ll be something we have to deal with, but not as bad as what we had.”

As for the Bills’ special teams unit, Toub specifically highlighted Buffalo punt returner Deonte Harty. The fifth-year receiver has the explosiveness to create momentum-swinging plays at a moment’s notice, as seen in Week 18 when he returned a punt 95 yards for the game-tying touchdown.

“First thing you got to think of is their punt returner,” Toub said. “(Deonte) Harty, he basically won that game for them — we talked about that before — the Miami game with the 95-yard return that he had in that game. That was huge for them. So, he’s a threat. He’s probably the number one thing you got to deal with.”

Also catching Toub’s attention was the hamstring injury to the Bills’ starting punter, Sam Martin. Although Martin was listed as a limited participant in practice on Thursday, Buffalo went ahead and signed punter Matt Haack to their practice squad. Due to Martin being a right-legged punter and Haack being a left-legged punter, Toub prepared his special teams unit for both scenarios to get them comfortable with the opposite spins of the ball.

“We have a jugs machine that goes left and right,” Toub explained when asked how they are preparing for Buffalo’s punters. “We’ve already practiced once with that – as soon as we found out they signed Matt [Haack], we started practicing lefty. That’s the first lefty we may face; we haven’t had a lefty all year. Our JUGS machine goes both ways.”

From the weather conditions to Buffalo’s talented personnel, Sunday’s game will be a challenging one for the Chiefs. At least for Toub, he can draw confidence from last week’s victory, knowing that the team has seen the worst and it can only be better from there.

“That’s the good thing about that game [against the Miami Dolphins], nothing will ever compare to what we saw (laughter). You can always say, ‘Hey, you did that,’ so we’re good.”

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