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Andy Reid on Patrick Mahomes: ‘A lot of quarterbacks can’t do what he did’

Kansas City’s head coach and quarterback explained how the cold weather affected their Wild Card win over Miami.

AFC Wild Card Playoffs - Miami Dolphins v Kansas City Chiefs Photo by David Eulitt/Getty Images

From frozen mustaches to shattered helmets, the cold weather was on full display during the Kansas City Chiefs26-7 Wild Card playoff victory over the Miami Dolphins. At kickoff on Satrurday night, it was four degrees below zero — with a wind chill of 27 below. It was the coldest game ever played on GEHA Field at Arrowhead Stadium.

The Chiefs, however, were unfazed by the frigid conditions. They seemed much more comfortable than their warm-weather opponents from South Beach.

“We just put the weather to the side,” rookie wide receiver Rashee Rice told reporters after the game. “[We] knew that our opponents didn’t want to be here out in this cold as much as we did. So we just took it to the chin and showed our love for the game.”

For quarterback Patrick Mahomes, it was a case of mind over matter.

“I’m not going to lie, it was cold,” he admitted. “But I think at the end of the day, you’ve got to just be mentally tough enough to just say, ‘That that’s not going to affect how we play. That’s not going to affect my effort. If something doesn’t work, I’m going to come back next time and keep firing.’

“It wasn’t like we were going to just run the football. We ran the football well — but at the same time, you’ve got to throw the football in order to have success in this league. I take that as a challenge: to be able to go out there and throw whenever teams are playing that aggressive coverage.”

It’s safe to say that the quarterback (and his offense) responded to that challenge. The team finished with 409 yards of total offense, scoring on six of its 10 drives — in stark contrast to the Miami offense, which scored only once in 11 chances. Mahomes completed 23 of his 41 passes for 262 yards and a touchdown.

“Pat had a had a nice day right from the get-go,” noted head coach Andy Reid. “I don’t think they anticipated us throwing the ball quite as much as we did — but we were able to come out and sling it. A lot of quarterbacks can’t do what he did in that kind of weather.”

The most viral moment showcasing the game’s freezing conditions came midway through the third quarter. Mahomes was scrambling towards the end zone when he collided with Dolphins’ safety DeShon Elliott, breaking off a piece of his helmet.

“I’m sure it had to do with it being really cold,” recalled Mahomes of the play. “I didn’t know what [had] happened in the moment. But [when] I got in the huddle, everybody was telling me. I was like, ‘I got y’all — but I’m not coming out the game, so we can figure it out on the sideline.’”

Mahomes said that it was the first time he’s ever broken a helmet.

“They have a backup that’s out there — [but] we’ve got to talk about where we store the backup — because it was like... frozen,” he revealed. “So when I tried to put it on, it was completely frozen; I couldn’t get it on.

“I don’t know if anyone got a picture of it, but it didn’t look great. We were able to adjust it on the sideline — get it kind of warmed up a little bit — and get rolling from there.”

But that wasn’t the only time that the cold affected the Chiefs. Not to be outdone by his quarterback, Reid had a viral moment of his own when icicles appeared on his mustache.

With the celebratory mood that comes from a big postseason win, Reid was all smiles — drawing laughter from reporters as he left the podium to begin preparations for next weekend’s Divisional round matchup.

“The worst thing that can happen is it falls off, right?” he joked.

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