Choose one: Angry or Disappointed?

I woke up this morning just disappointed. Football has been missing in my life for 6 months! I LOVE this time of year! The games give me a way to relax, to unwind, to be entertained! A way to take my mind off the stresses of the week. I love the game! I love My Chiefs! I miss them during the "off-season". I nibble at any and all stories that circulate during the spring and summer months just to get a football fix until fall. And this off-season was supposed to be especially joyous! We were kings of the football world!!! And not just that! We really do have the foundation, the makings, the potential to be a dynasty! It's not a fantasy. It's real! I NEVER thought I'd see this! After DECADES of futility we are now living the dream!!

But... I woke up this morning just disappointed. DISAPPOINTED! To me, this is a word that hurts. You NEVER want to disappoint someone. If your parents or spouse or boss or kid or sibling or friend told you that you disappointed them that would be the ultimate kick in the groin. It's worse than being mad or embarrassed or numb. Disappointment... It speaks to expectations. It says you hurt me because I expected so much more, and you failed to meet what I thought was to be. And it hurts.

I am disappointed at Hunt! At Veach! At Reid! At Toub! At Chris Jones! At Kadarius Toney! At Skyy Moore! At our run game! At pretty much the whole freakin organization!

We come off the season of a LIFETIME!! And we can't even freakin enjoy it this Summer because of all this contract nonsense with Jones and a lack of attention to the WR room! We have no viable plan B for Kelce going down. The only player we bring in to address Jones being out was inactive! The other D lineman we pick-up is out for the 1st 6 games!! We have Edwards Helaire START, when many of us don't even think he should STILL be on the team! Our offensive line, our so called strength, along with a weak RB committee, produces 90 yards on the ground with 45 of those going to Mahomes! Our RBs got us FORTY-FIVE yards! We have had the WHOLE off-season to address the fact that we SUCK on 3rd or 4th and 1. And we did squat to address it! We start Kadarius as our #1 wideout when it's CLEAR his injuries are a pattern and not one offs!?? So he misses ALL of camp and we throw him in just to see him continually drop ball after ball after ball!! And he wasn't the only one! We dropped SIX balls last night!!! SIX??!!!!! Are you kidding me?!

Mahomes said it. This defeat shows us that we are not going to just be able to show up and win. We have a target on our backs! We have to come to play!

Detroit gob-smacked us for arrogantly thinking we could just show up! Ugh!!!

I am pissed! But even more, I am disappointed. My team has disappointed me all off season, and it culminated last night.

We go to Jacksonville next week. If we just show up... they'll beat us by 3 touchdowns. WAKE UP Chiefs!!!!!!!! Please don't let this be a season of disappointment. Pretty please, with a cherry on top.

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