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10 Chiefs excuses overheard after Thursday’s loss to the Lions

If you listened very carefully, there were interesting things to be heard as Kansas City lost to Detroit.

Kansas City Chiefs v Arizona Cardinals Photo by Michael Owens/Getty Images

On Thursday night’s NFL season opener, the Detroit Lions handed the Kansas City Chiefs a 21-20 loss to begin their title defense. Here are some of the excuses Tom Ruprecht overheard during the loss.

  1. “Three roster moves killed the Chiefs in this game: Chris Jones inactive, Travis Kelce inactive and Kadarius Toney active.”
  2. “Relax! Brett Veach is gonna fix the wide receiver room by signing a couple more New York Giants rejects.”
  3. “I know it may seem like we blew it by trading Ihmir Smith-Marsette, but just wait until you see that 2025 conditional seventh-rounder we got for him!”
  4. “The refs couldn’t help but notice that while second down was still going on, Jawaan Taylor was already false-starting on third down.”
  5. “For years, teams have been looking for a way to take the ball out of Patrick Mahomes’ hands in a crucial spot. It looks like Andy Reid and Blake Bell found a way.”
  6. “The Lions surprised us by switching coverage to jfhdxd!%%fkjvdshdfkh….” (Sorry... Kadarius Toney just dropped my keyboard).
  7. “Typical Chiefs: the defense plays lights out, but the offense can’t do anything.”
  8. “Netflix gave us $100 to get another scene of Mahomes screaming the f-word for Season 2 of ‘Quarterback.’”
  9. “In all fairness, Eric Bieniemy was the coach in charge of reminding guys not to drop the ball.”
  10. “Let’s address the elephant in the room, please: are we positive Mahomes is the answer at quarterback?”

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