Hidden Advantage Next 3 (Jets, Vikings, Broncos) Games To Neutralize TNF/Munich Toll = Cumulative Season Rest/Recovery Advantage

Needless to say, the Jets, Vikings and Broncos aren't world beaters. On paper this Chiefs team should finish all three teams handedly, whether away or at home. However we know the NFL strikes parity where we least expect especially against division rivals like the Broncos. However, this year is a bit different. The Chiefs have a world class defense matched with its world class offense now shifting into high gear with twin turbos ready to spit exhaust flames, if the Chiefs needed to 8th gear in high turbo boost. I believe these next two to three weeks could provide an advantage to the Chiefs very few if any AFC contender teams will have in successive weeks. Should the Chiefs offense and defense both play up to par against the Jets and Vikings two teams slightly above the Bears but not by much, the Chiefs could achieve a cumulative rest/recovery goal for two weeks straight around 1.5 quarters a game. In said scenario the Chiefs pull their starters around mid-3rd quarter... let's say the Chiefs play according to their class in both Jets and Vikings games... that's 3 quarters (almost a full game) two weeks successively of keeping the starters, that much fresher. Consecutive weeks of early rest and recovery without 3 quarters of football being played by the starters equates to a mini-bye before the bye. Including the Bears win and rest/recovery... that would equate to a cumulative full game (4 quarters) of football not being played by the starters.


Not just because the Chiefs players would have the cumulative advantage physically of having two byes and thus fresher-healthier all-pros before the final push for seeding and that extra first round bye before the divisional. But also, the very immediate effect of facing the Broncos on Thursday Night Football (when a large portion of NFL injuries take place with extra stress on bones, joints and ligaments due to quick turnaround games) and THEN FLYING OUT TO GERMANY IN TWO WEEKS. If the Chiefs can make quick work of the Jets and Vikings with adequate rest/recovery time of deactivating starters in blowout wins, the Chiefs could make the most out of a TNF vs. Broncos game where an exhausted Broncos team having needed all quarters of play every week to rescue a semblance of team pride. No guarantees being a divisional game, but the Chiefs could complete this trifecta being much fresher against a much more exhausted Broncos team with a weaker defense than last season's.

I fully expect the Chargers to play us close all four quarters with their QB and weapons, so probabilistically, the Chargers are non-included in this formula due to the mathematically likelihood of the spread being covered in Week 7 before playing the Broncos again in Week 8. However back to the pressing, 3 game stretch... Completing this trifecta would mean the Chiefs could finish the game early once again (again no guarantees against a division rival)... having achieved from Week 3 to Week 6.... 4.5 - 5.5 cumulative quarters (1 game and half quarter/1 game two quarters and half) of recovery and rest time for it's starters. This will give them a much needed advantage of having a bye before the bye managing a TNF vs Broncos Arrowhead Wk6, Chargers@Arrowhead Wk7, @Mile High Wk 8 into a Munich, Deutschland... Dolphins matchup in Week 9. An early blitzkrieg through these next three games of massively overmatched opponents, could set the Chiefs and it's starters up nicely into the Week 10 Bye, not having too much wear and tear with a mini-bye taken before hand, ready for the meat of its schedule in the 2nd half of the season against the Eagles, Bills and some version of the Bengals.

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