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Andy Reid roundup: 4 takeaways from the Chiefs’ head coach

Reid held his usual Zoom ahead of opening night on Thursday.

NFL: JUN 15 Kansas City Chiefs Super Bowl Championship Ring Ceremony Photo by Scott Winters/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Kansas City Chiefs head coach Andy Reid met with the media via Zoom on Friday, six days ahead of the team's opening-night matchup against the Detroit Lions.

Listen to the full presser above or by clicking here.

Reid said he had no injuries to report in his opening statement. He added that "everybody" practiced in the closed workout on Thursday. Then he took questions, which we have rounded up in four takeaways:

Reid and the Chiefs are moving on from the Chris Jones situation.

Even though Kansas City is still "hopeful" for the arrival of Jones, the head coach and the players who have reported are moving forward.

"I would tell you that, yeah, you move on," said Reid. "As a coach, when the player is not here, then the next guy is up and rolling. Chris is a great player, but we got other good players that will have to step their game up to fill the role of defensive tackle, defensive end and so on. Everybody just has to play their best, and then you work through it. But to think you're going to fill in for Chris, I mean that's not what you're doing. The next man comes up, and you try to utilize his strengths and let him get in there and play. We've had success doing that, and so we'll do it again. I know the guys are excited to get in and play."

Although Reid would not confirm the level of his communication with Jones, he feels the defensive tackle could play if he arrived this weekend.

"One thing about Chris is he keeps himself in good shape," said Reid. "I haven't seen him, but I would anticipate he'd come back in relatively good shape. It's just kind of working himself into football shape. As long as he's physically in good shape, you could kind of start working him in and getting him going and you play it by ear and eyes after that and see where he's at."

It seems as though Reid could have all seven receivers active on Thursday night.

The Chiefs kept seven wide receivers on the roster, including fan favorite Justyn Ross. Some have suggested perhaps one of those players could be inactive on game day, but it does not seem as though that will necessarily be the case.

"We're going through all that now. There's a chance that we have all seven up," said Reid.

It does not sound like Reid cares that Thursday's game is also "banner" night.

Predictably, Reid isn't paying much attention to the Super Bowl LVII banner going up Thursday night.

"For us, once we got done with the ring ceremony, we've kind of focused in on the job at hand," said Reid. "There's a number of guys that weren't part of that team. I've mentioned that before, and I've stressed to our guys this is a new year. So the ceremony is probably more for the fans than it is for the team itself.

"We'll be out there and do our thing, but like I said, we've got our hands full with a good football team and the game following up this ceremony. So we've got to keep our focus on that, and that's where our energy's going.

Reid outlined Labor Day Weekend at Arrowhead.

The players won't be celebrating the holiday with the fans this weekend.

"We look forward to this challenge," said Reid. "This is a big challenge for us. They finished absolutely on fire. They play aggressive football. Dan [Campbell's] done a great job up there with his guys, and so I know we've got to really have a great week of preparation going forward. Between Aaron [Glenn] and Ben [Johnson], they've got good coordinators. Both their schemes are good on both sides of the ball. And like I've said, they have got good talent."

The Chiefs players' work week begins on Saturday.

"Our guys will come here and focus on that," he explained. "They'll study the players, and they'll study the schemes, and by the time we get to Thursday, we'll have all the different situations down. It's a normal week. Today, for me, is a Monday in the football world. That's how we're doing it as a staff.

"The players are off on Mondays during the season if it's a Sunday game. So we'll start the regular week tomorrow with the players in here lifting and doing their stuff there. And then we'll follow up with our Wednesday-Thursday practices from there (on Sunday and Monday)."

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