2023 Schedule Oddity

The Kansas City Chiefs are only schedule for two games with a noon kickoff.

It is typical that home games at Arrowhead Stadium kickoff at noon. Road games in the eastern time zone also typically kickoff at noon. So why are there only two noon starts listed on the 2023 schedule?

AFC West Road Games
All three division opponents are in Pacific or Mountain time zones. These games are typically scheduled in the late time slot. This is the case for both the Raiders and Broncos road games this year. The season finale against the Chargers is flexible and could land on either Saturday or Sunday.

Prime Time Games
This year the Chiefs play two Thursday night football games. The first is the season opener against Detroit and the second is a home game against Denver.

There are two Monday night football games, home against Philadelphia and on the road against New England.

Finally, there are two Sunday night football games, both on the road against the Jets and Packers.

Remaining Road Games
That leaves two road games on the Chiefs' schedule. Week 2 will be a noon start time against the Jaguars. The other home game against the Vikings will be on CBS in the late time slot.

Remaining Home Games
There are six home games left to discuss. Only five really since the game against the Dolphins will be played in Germany and will have a morning kickoff.

There is one visiting NFC opponent, da Bears, that will be a late time slot on Fox. The remaining four AFC opponents are Chargers, Bills, Raiders, and Bengals. CBS elected to move all but the Raiders to the late time slot.

So the only time you'll see the Chiefs kicking off at noon is against the Jaguars in week 2 and against the Raiders in week 16. It is obvious that the prime time games are a reflection of the team's recent success. The fact that networks are bumping games to the more popular late afternoon time slots shows how much entertainment value the Chiefs hold.

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