The NFL Kansas City Chiefs: Changing Fan Engagement

If you’re a Kansas City fan, then you might be aware that the NFL franchise holds the Guinness World record for achieving the loudest crowd roar in a sports stadium. However, what many fans don’t know is that the same energy and enthusiasm translates to the Chief’s fan engagement and experience. Using various platforms and techniques, the Kansas Chiefs are currently ranking No. 1 in social media engagement.

From social media engagement to watching NFL matches in real-time, the Kansas City Chiefs have transformed how sports fans engage with the game. In this article, we’ll explore different ways that the Chiefs are leveraging technology to improve the fan experience in the league.

Prioritizing video content and digital streaming

Gone are the days when watching an NFL game meant sitting in front of your cable-connected TV or going to the stadium for a live performance. Today, you only need a stable internet connection and a digital platform like a mobile phone or smart TV. That has vastly made football matches readily accessible to the world and every NFL fan will be able to wager on the games live online.

Since 2012, the City Chiefs have strived to transform their video content from TV first to digital format. Today, the Chiefs' video content is crafted for digital platforms, aiming to grab the fan’s attention within minutes.

The Chiefs understand the need to give NFL fans attention-grabbing video content designed for socials. As such, the Chiefs prioritize premium content, with the Facebook video normally including highlighted action shots and subtitles. The Chiefs are also not overlooking other social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter.

Concessions and merchandising

In a bid to continuously give their fans the best sports concessions and merchandise experience, the Chiefs’ concession partners have invested in food and merchandising operations across their home stadium. These merchandising operations are made possible by innovative technologies that focus on automation and self-service.

In 2021, the Chiefs expanded their mobile ordering and pickup systems, with the features made operational in eight locations across the field and in the upper cases. The move came after adopting cashless payments systems in their concession stands in 2020, which soon grew to include vendors and hawkers across the stadium from 2021.

Tailgate Suites

The Ford Tailgate District was introduced in 2018 as a re-imagined pregame experience for fans who attend the Chiefs' live matches at the Arrowhead Stadium. Kansas City has a strong tailgating tradition in parking lots and the Chiefs build on that to give fans who don’t have their own tailgate an option. It also gives their fans a place where they can connect with other Chiefs fans before the game in a tailgate atmosphere.

The Tailgate space will continue featuring food trucks, tailgate games, drink specials, live entertainment, and appearances by the Chiefs cheerleaders. The team also piloted a host of portable tailgate suite options during the 2020 postseason, featuring heat, air conditioning, furniture, and Televisions. Following a successful pilot phase, the team expanded the Tailgate suites to 10, giving an elevated tailgating option for their fans.

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