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Andy Reid on Chris Jones: ‘There’s been no communication’

With a little more than two weeks before the regular season, it sounds like the two sides have yet to resume contract talks.

Los Angeles Chargers v Kansas City Chiefs Photo by David Eulitt/Getty Images

On Tuesday afternoon, Kansas City Chiefs defensive tackle Chris Jones teased on social media that he would not be ending his holdout until Week 8 of the NFL regular season, leading those attending the team’s practice in Kansas City to be questioned about his status on Wednesday.

Jones, who is currently entering the final year of his contract, is seeking an extension — and to make his point, he opted to skip all of training camp in St. Joseph and the last three days of practice in Kansas City. At the time of this writing, the fines stemming from the holdout have been estimated to be around $2.3 million.

Head coach Andy Reid sounded somewhat agitated when asked about the post from Jones’ official X account.

“There’s been no communication, so I don’t know what’s going to go there,” said Reid. “Whatever happens, happens. [If he’s] not there, the game goes on, right? That’s how it works.”

Reid added that he does not see a way for him to get involved in negotiations.

“Not right now, there’s not,” said Reid. “They got to communicate and do their thing. There’s just been no communication.”

That has not been the case for quarterback Patrick Mahomes, who contended that he and Jones “stay in contact all the time.” But just as we might expect, the quarterback is unwilling to get involved in a teammate’s contract negotiations.

“He’s in good spirits,” reported Mahomes. “He’s a guy that he loves football. He loves playing for the Chiefs — and so it’s a hard time for all players, I think, whenever this stuff comes up because you want to play. You want to be out there, but at the same time, you want to take care of your family, so it’s finding that right spot, in where you think you need to be at at that time. It doesn’t hurt his relationship with any of us.

“We respect his decision, but at the same time, whenever he comes back, we’ll welcome him with open arms and know he’s going to be a pivotal teammate that will help us make a run at this Super Bowl again.”

Echoing the words of defensive coordinator Steve Spagnuolo from Tuesday, Reid said the club is handling the situation as if Jones will be unavailable due to injury. The defensive linemen who are with the team have been getting all the reps at Jones’ position.

“If somebody gets hurt, you got to go play. And that’s the approach they’ve taken. ‘Chris isn’t here? Opportunity for us to play.’ And they worked their tail off there. It’s been impressive to watch them.”

In particular, Reid highlighted the play of pass rushers Mike Danna and George Karlaftis.

“When Mike got back in, I think he’s done a nice job,” said Reid. “He got some play time and showed in that game, so I think that’s good. I think George is a lot stronger than what he was last year, so that’s a positive thing.”

Mahomes, who has been up against the front seven without Jones since late July, expressed his faith in the defensive linemen who have been in attendance at practice. Replacing Jones is incomprehensible, but he has liked what he has seen in the youth at the position.

“I’m very confident,” said Mahomes. “We have a lot of great players, a lot of depth, a lot of guys that are coming in and working hard. There’s some young guys like George and Felix [Anudike-Uzomah] and stuff like that — but they play hard every single play and they get after it. That’s what you want.

“It’s hard to replace just Chris because Chris is — like I said — a once-in-a-lifetime type of player, but I think with the group of guys, they’re doing a great job of just working hard and continuing to push to make themselves better.”

Mahomes compared the situation along the defensive line to the quarterback room.

“Whenever I’m not in the game, they trust the guy that comes is going to go out there and make an impact,” said Mahomes. “You’ve seen that with Chad [Henne] over the last few years, and in the game that Travis [Kelce] wasn’t in a couple years ago, other guys stepped up.

“That’s how great football teams work. You’ve got to have depth everywhere, and you’ve got to have guys that will step up whenever their number is called. Obviously, you want to have these great players like Chris, but everybody has to step up when their number is called.”

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