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Support from Patrick Mahomes, other vets motivated Chiefs’ preseason comeback

Quarterback Patrick Mahomes was caught on camera celebrating as the Chiefs stormed back in New Orleans.

Kansas City Chiefs v New Orleans Saints Photo by Chris Graythen/Getty Images

In what looked like another come-from-behind victory for the Kansas City Chiefs, the New Orleans Saints ultimately came out on top, winning 26-24. After a lackluster showing from the starters, the Chiefs' next in line did their best to mount a comeback, but a detrimental interception led to a game-winning field goal for the Saints.

A jolt of energy is what the team needed as third-string quarterback Shane Buechele took over for quarterback Blaine Gabbert. He says that keeping up the energy was a topic of conversation in the locker room at the half.

"Coming out of that second half, the message was energy," Buechele explained. "We needed to have better energy on the sideline and on the field, and we were able to put together a couple drives where we were able to score, and it was kind of cool."

Buechele said the enthusiasm shown by the second and third-string players was one positive takeaway after Sunday's loss. He says the team's "do-your-job" mentality also speaks to the importance of making the most of preseason opportunities.

"There was a lot of energy, and they did a really good job of just playing with energy, playing within the system," Buechele said. "(For) some of us, that's the only time we get to go out there and play, and so thankfully, we always preach just do your job, you don't have to do anything different, anything extra, just do your job, play within the system."

Positive moments from the game included Buechele connecting with young wide receivers Justyn Ross and Kekoa Crawford for touchdowns. Through the ups and downs, Buechele felt the support from quarterback Patrick Mahomes as well as the other starters. Throughout the game, Buechele said their positivity helped to keep up the energy as the game progressed.

"Just having those guys, those vets, when they're happy for you and jumping around — it's always fun seeing them on the sideline and having fun," Buechele said. "When they're happy for us, it makes it easy for us to be happy for them."

The Chiefs' backups will have their next opportunity to make a name for themselves on the road against the Arizona Cardinals on August 19.

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