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Travis & Jason Kelce’s ‘New Heights’ Ep. 47: The Beer Bowl

The Kelce brothers sponsor fun and games for charity.

Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce and his older brother — Philadelphia Eagles center Jason Kelce — host a weekly podcast called “New Heights.” The title is an homage to the Cleveland Heights, Ohio, neighborhood in which they grew up.

In the latest episode, the Kelce brothers descend on Sea Isle New Jersey for their fundraiser to benefit the Eagles’ Autism Foundation. The event took place at the historic Ocean Drive Bar. In the event, 16 teams faced off in a series of single-elimination drinking games. The last team standing took home $50,000.

Click here to donate to the Eagles’ Autism Foundation.

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ChiefsAholic might be in the crowd

The event got off to a rollicking start when the Kelces brought their father Ed onto the stage, displaying the briefcase containing the cash awaiting the winning team.

Clearly, the elder Kelce was nervous about losing the money; he held the case tightly against his chest with both hands. His sons had to work on him a little to get him to open it, showing everyone the money was actually inside.

“This is like Pulp Fiction right here,” grinned Travis.

Jason mocked his dad for not handcuffing such a valuable item to his wrist.

“This isn’t secure,” he insisted. “There’s police outside. Just borrow a handcuff.”

Then Jason raised the specter of the famous fugitive (and Chiefs superfan) Xavier Babudar,

“What if ChiefsAholic is in the audience?” he asked.

Now on the lam, Babudar gained notoriety for wearing a wolf costume to Chiefs games — and robbing an Oklahoma bank in disguise.

Round 1: Flip Cup

The first matchup was between “The Denim Boys” — a couple of dudes in unbuttoned cutoff denim shirts (from which their beer bellies hung out) — and the underdogs: “Catching Kelce Only Fans.” But “Catching Kelce” came through with the Round 1 victory, moving through their line of cups at lightning speed.

The second match was between the “Rodeo Boozers” — who took the stage clad in cowboy hats and Patrick Mahomes jerseys — and “Andy’s A-holes,” who dressed like Kansas City head coach Andy Reid by stuffing pillows under their shirts. The “Boozers” easily defeated the “A-Holes.”

Then “Parent’s Night Out” eliminated “The Green Men,” “Fire and Ice” defeated “Birds of War” and “Team BDN” sent “The Christmas Specialists” home.

Note: If you’re curious, the “N” in BDN stands for “Nick” — as in the former Chiefs (and Eagles) quarterback Nick Foles. If you’re inclined to figure out the rest, you’ll probably guess it right.

Then “Two Years Varsity” beat “Savage American Eagles” and the “The He Brews” knocked off “The Thirsty Dads.” Then sudden-death overtime (a one-cup Beer Pong game) was needed for “Gym Class Heroes” to beat “Lenny Dykstra”

Round 2: Beer Ball

In the first matchup, “Catching Kelce Only Fans” made easy work of the “Rodeo Boozers,” utilizing their superior chugging skills.

“You guys have terrible f—ing taste in TV,” exclaimed Travis to the winners, “but you are electric in this game!”

In the second matchup, the Blades of Glory look-alikes “Fire and Ice” brought the fire by smoking fastballs off the “Parent’s Night Out” beer cans — and displayed ice in their veins when the game was on the line. They easily moved to the semi-finals.

In the third matchup, the dominant play that “Two Years Varsity” showed in the first round continued. “Team BDN” was sent packing after running into a buzz saw. But even in defeat, the team remained a fan favorite. The audience chanted their name as they walked off the floor.

There was controversy in the final Round 2 matchup. The game between “Gym Class Heroes” and “The He Brews” ended with offsetting penalties. After some deliberation, “Gym Class Heroes” was awarded one second to finish their beers, which would send the game to sudden death. While they succeeded, “The He Brews” prevailed in overtime.

Round 3: Quarters

In the first semi-final, “Fire and Ice” destroyed “Catching Kelce Only Fans” by a lopsided 14-3 score, securing Chaz Michael Michaels’ place in the finals.

But in the second semi-final, two strong teams — “The He Brews” and “Two Year Varsity” — faced off in a matchup that was reminiscent of the 2021 AFC Divisional round game between the Chiefs and Buffalo Bills. In the end — just like the Bills’ secondary — “The He Brews” came up one quarter short.

Final Round: Chug Off

“Two Year Varsity” was the favorite in the final — but after a hardware malfunction, “Fire and Ice” switched up their chugging order — and the tactic paid off. The male figure skaters jumped out to a quick lead and never looked back, coasting to victory with seconds to spare.

In addition to the $50,000 from Ed’s briefcase, they took home the 2023 “New Heights” Beer Bowl Trophy.

At this time, there’s no word when (or where) the championship parade will be held.

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