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Chiefs’ Andy Reid trusted Patrick Mahomes to do the ‘Quarterback’ series the right way

Kansas City’s star quarterback talked about the hit Netflix series on Tuesday.

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At this writing, the Kansas City Chiefs’ quarterback Patrick Mahomes is the star of the No. 1 show on Netflix.

The new ‘Quarterback’ docu-series follows Mahomes, Minnesota Vikings quarterback Kirk Cousins and former Atlanta Falcons (now Philadelphia Eagles) quarterback Marcus Mariota both on and off the field during the 2022 season, providing a window into the weekly processes and routines each player went through.

Under normal circumstances, some tidbits of that information might have been left on the cutting-room floor. But after checking in to the team’s training camp at Missouri Western State University on Tuesday, Mahomes said that Kansas City head coach Andy Reid had faith in him and the show’s producer — Hall of Fame quarterback Peyton Manning — that nothing would be revealed that could hurt the team.

“Coach was really good about it,” recalled Mahomes. “I mean, he let us put some of that stuff in that I don’t think he normally would — because he knew it was a great project and he knew we were doing it the right way. I think having that trust with Peyton definitely helped.”

Still, there were some things that Mahomes knew couldn’t make the final cut. Editing the show required finding the right balance between what would make the show authentic and revealing trade secrets.

“It’s a long process,” said Mahomes. “You change a lot of the stuff [each season], so you could kind of get away with giving away some of the play-calls and stuff like that. But there’s some stuff that I already knew — going into this year — [that] we’re going to keep. So I was trying to get [those things] out as much as possible.”

Even with all the trust the team and Reid have in Mahomes, Ted Crews — the team’s executive vice president of communications — had the final say on what made it into the show.

“Ted had probably the biggest part in all of having to go through every inch of it,” revealed Reid on Tuesday. “Listen, there are things you don’t want out there — I mean the best you possibly can... there are some things you like to keep in-house — [like] the particular way we teach things — and so that’s what we tried to do with that, to a point. [But] you know, we shared a few things, too.”

Reid didn’t say whether he liked the show — or even acknowledge that he has watched it — but still gave it a positive review based on a trusted source.

“You know my wife watched it,” he said, “so it sounds like it’s a pretty good show — and I’m happy. It’s good for the NFL. It’s great for people to know what the quarterbacks go through.”

Mahomes said he was proud of the finished product.

“They did it the right way,” he told reporters. “I mean, [you] saw the raw emotion of playing football. You saw what it was like to be a quarterback — but also be a husband and father and how to balance that time. You saw it from three different perspectives. I thought it was a great way to do that.”

As he had already revealed, Mahomes displays — by far — the most colorful vocabulary in the series. But while watching it, we also learn that when Cousins is one of the featured quarterbacks, being the most colorful is not very hard to do.

“I told you all there’s a lot of cussing from me — and I [tried] to cut out as much as possible,” explained Mahomes. “But I get on that football field and let a few words go that I don’t usually.”

(SPOILER ALERT) At the end of the series, the Chiefs win Super Bowl LVII. It’s likely there aren’t many Kansas City fans who care what the reigning NFL MVP says on the field — especially if they can watch Mahomes use that dirty mouth of his to kiss as many Lombardi Trophies as possible.

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