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Trey Smith stopped by ‘Good Morning Football’ to discuss Super Bowl ring, 2023 outlook

Smith is entering his third season with the Chiefs.

NFL: JUN 15 Kansas City Chiefs Super Bowl Championship Ring Ceremony Photo by Scott Winters/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

On Thursday morning, Kansas City Chiefs right guard Trey Smith took time to chat with the panel on NFL Network’s “Good Morning Football.”

Smith wore his Super Bowl LVII ring, which he and his teammates recently received at a private ceremony. Among other unique features, the ring top can be completely removed and converted into a pendant via a hidden bail.

Smith told the panel that the option originally worried him.

“When I initially first got the ring, they were explaining how everything operated on it. I was scared just putting the thing back on — it was still a little loose,” he said. “But eventually, over time, it will seal up and it really isn’t that bad. Every time I do put the top back on, I wiggle it just to make sure it’s secure, man. I don’t want to lose that.”

Smith explained that the recent visit to the White House and then receiving the ring were the most memorable moments of his life. What made them even sweeter was the fact that Smith had never won a title at any level in any sport.

His first was the Super Bowl.

“Man, it’s been surreal,” he said. “Not winning a championship in any sport leading up to it and then you win the world championship, the Super Bowl, it was a special moment. It’s something you always work for and being able to achieve your goals, it was really surreal and special.”

Before he signed off, Smith summarized the team’s outlook for 2023, noting that it will be the day-by-day work that will allow for the chance to repeat as champions.

“That’s the beautiful thing about football,” said Smith. “We have to come back the next year and show the reason why we won it the first time... it doesn’t matter that we won it last year. We just have to be consistent, do what we do, do what our coaches tells us to do and just execute at a high level on the field.

“We have to take it week by week, opponent by opponent. We can’t look too far ahead or look into the future and say we’re going to do these different things. We have to look in the present and understand the task at hand.”

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