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Chiefs’ Patrick Mahomes edited ‘kind of wild’ behavior in new ‘Quarterback’ show

On Thursday, Kansas City’s two-time MVP spoke to reporters about the new docu-series he is co-producing.

Las Vegas Raiders v Kansas City Chiefs Photo by Cooper Neill/Getty Images

On July 12, the docu-series “Quarterback” will make its debut on the Netflix video streaming service.

A co-production of NFL Flims, Peyton Manning’s Omaha Productions and Kansas City Chiefs’ quarterback Patrick Mahomes’ 2PM Productions, the series will feature 2022 in-game video from all NFL quarterbacks, along with behind-the-scenes material from Mahomes, Minnesota Vikings quarterback Kirk Cousins and Atlanta Falcons quarterback Marcus Mariota.

On Wednesday, Netflix released a two-and-a-half minute trailer promoting the first episode. Among a number of others, it includes a play from Kansas City’s Week 4 victory over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. It’s the red-zone snap where Mahomes scrambles to his right, spins and jukes past several Buccaneer defenders — and then, just short of the goal line, flips the ball to running back Clyde Edwards-Helaire, who is standing alone in the end zone.

“I’m like that!” exclaims Mahomes to the stunned Tampa Bay players.

Speaking to reporters after the conclusion of the team’s mandatory minicamp on Thursday, Mahomes said that he trusted the other companies involved — particularly Manning’s — but still wanted to have some control over the finished shows.

“I wanted to for sure be able to have some editing rights,” he explained with a smile, “because I’ve realized that I’m kind of wild on the field — like I don’t even remember the things that I say. But I’m a competitor; that’s just who I am. And so it was cool to be able to go through that process.”

Shortly after the show was announced in February, we learned that Kansas City head coach Andy Reid had to be talked into allowing Mahomes to participate. But according to NBC Sports’ Peter King, Reid relented — in part — because Mahomes really wanted to do it.

Mahomes made a point of thanking Reid for that concession before describing the finished product.

“I’ve watched pretty much all of it,” he revealed. “It’s gonna be cool for everybody to see — and there’s a lot more of the, ‘I’m like that’ stuff that I left in there. I couldn’t leave it all in there because I say a lot of wild stuff out there.”

According to the quarterback, that includes language that goes beyond a G rating.

“They’re gonna see how different I am here [in press conferences] than I am on the field,” said Mahomes. “I think that’s the biggest thing that you’re gonna see. I tried to cut out as much profanity as I could. But it’s hard; you would get nothing in the whole game.”

Jokes aside, Mahomes explained that the show's goal was to document the amount of work that goes into an NFL season — and how it affects the players who go through the process. Including players like Cousins and Mariota allows fans to see all of that from different levels of success on the field, too.

“So it’s really cool,” concluded Mahomes. “Hopefully they pick up another season — and we get some other quarterbacks, [so] you can see their perspective as well.”

But not all of them will have editing rights.

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