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Under Reid and Mahomes, Chiefs have easily been the league’s best team

There’s still a lot to do, but Kansas City is well on its way to becoming the league’s greatest dynasty.

AFC Championship - Cincinnati Bengals v Kansas City Chiefs Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

You probably already know this is a fantastic time to be a Kansas City Chiefs fan. It’s not hard to see that the team is having the greatest success it’s ever had.

But did you know that under head coach Andy Reid — and especially with Patrick Mahomes starting at quarterback — no other team has had as much success?

Here are the top 10 regular-season records for NFL teams since Reid became Kansas City’s head coach in 2013.

Team Record Pct
Chiefs 117-45-0 0.7222
Patriots 111-51-0 0.6852
Seahawks 103-58-1 0.6389
Steelers 100-60-2 0.6235
Packers 100-60-2 0.6235
Saints 97-65-0 0.5988
Cowboys 94-68-0 0.5802
Ravens 93-69-0 0.5741
Eagles 92-69-1 0.5710
Bills 92-69-0 0.5714

And remember: the first five seasons of this period featured Alex Smith at quarterback.

Some might suggest that during this same period, the New England Patriots had more postseason success. They certainly did.

Team Record Pct
Patriots 13-5-0 0.7222
Broncos 5-2-0 0.7143
Buccaneers 5-2-0 0.7143
Rams 7-3-0 0.7000
49ers 8-4-0 0.6667
Chiefs 12-7-0 0.6316
Falcons 3-2-0 0.6000
Jaguars 3-2-0 0.6000
Eagles 6-5-0 0.5455
Seahawks 8-7-0 0.5333

The Patriots, of course, appeared in the Super Bowl four times during this period. They won three of those championship games — while the Chiefs have won two in three appearances.

But look what happens when you combine regular-season and playoff records from 2013 through 2022.

Team Record Pct
Chiefs 129-52-0 0.7127
Patriots 124-56-0 0.6889
Seahawks 111-65-1 0.6299
Packers 106-67-2 0.6114
Steelers 103-66-2 0.6082
Saints 101-70-0 0.5906
Cowboys 97-73-0 0.5706
Eagles 98-74-1 0.5694
Bills 96-74-0 0.5647
Ravens 95-74-0 0.5621

So during Reid’s tenure, Kansas City has had the most consistent win-loss record.

Then think about what it looks like when we only consider the time since Mahomes has been Kansas City’s starting quarterback — starting with the regular season.

Team Record Pct
Chiefs 64-18-0 0.7805
Saints 54-28-0 0.6585
Bills 53-28-0 0.6543
Packers 53-28-1 0.6524
Ravens 53-29-0 0.6463
Seahawks 49-33-0 0.5976
Rams 49-33-0 0.5976
Steelers 47-33-2 0.5854
Titans 48-34-0 0.5854
Patriots 48-34-0 0.5854

As you see, the Chiefs under Mahomes have been pretty dominant during the regular season.

But while Mahomes has led the team, Kansas City has also led the league in the playoffs.

Team Record Pct
Chiefs 11-3-0 0.7857
Rams 7-2-0 0.7778
Buccaneers 5-2-0 0.7143
Bengals 5-2-0 0.7143
49ers 6-3-0 0.6667
Patriots 3-2-0 0.6000
Bills 4-4-0 0.5000
Browns 1-1-0 0.5000
Giants 1-1-0 0.5000
Jaguars 1-1-0 0.5000

So naturally... when we combine regular-season and playoff records during the Mahomes years, the Chiefs lead by a lot.

Team Record Pct
Chiefs 75-21-0 0.7813
Saints 56-31-0 0.6437
Bills 57-32-0 0.6404
Packers 55-31-1 0.6379
Ravens 54-33-0 0.6207
Rams 56-35-0 0.6154
Patriots 51-36-0 0.5862
Seahawks 50-37-0 0.5747
Titans 50-37-0 0.5747
Cowboys 50-37-0 0.5747

How much is “a lot”? In this case... quite a bit.

If we convert these won/lost percentages from the last five seasons into letter grades (that is, if we break them into tiers based on how they compare using standard deviations from average), the league has six D grades, 21 C grades, four Bs and one A — the grade given to the Chiefs.

In other words, the difference between Kansas City at 0.7813 and New Orleans at 0.6437 is the same as the difference between an A and a B-minus.

The bottom line

Andy Reid’s Chiefs still have a ways to go before they can claim to have the greatest dynasty in league history. Over the 20 years that the Patriots dominated the NFL under head coach Bill Belichick and quarterback Tom Brady, they won 11 straight division titles, appeared in eight consecutive conference championships and won six Super Bowls.

But it’s easy to see that the Chiefs (and Mahomes) are well on their way to similar kinds of results — and they’ve already done something no other team has ever done: host five consecutive conference championships.

So now it’s on to the 2023 season — and whatever comes next.

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