The lyrics to Kadarius Toney's "Chiefin'"

2027: KT has helped Mahomes rack up two more SB wins and nearly got a Grammy with a new song. The lyrics to Chiefin':

Yung Joka on the mic, cleats on the field, Playin' the game like a royal, got that KC shield, Runnin' routes, droppin' beats, no f*cks given, I yield, Passes and rhymes so fly, defenses got to yield.

We Chiefin’, we Chiefin', in the zone and on the green, Two meanings intertwined, know what the f*ck I mean? We Chiefin’, we Chiefin', lighting up the damn scene, When the Chiefs hit the field, you'll know where we've been.

From Arrowhead to the charts, making our own fate, Every f*cking game, every track, yeah, we elevate, In the city of the Chiefs, we don't hesitate, On the field and the mic, we dominate, no debate.

We Chiefin’, we Chiefin', making Super Bowl dreams, Mahomes to the Joker, it's a winning f*cking scheme, We Chiefin’, we Chiefin', we the supreme team, When we on the mic or the field, we the theme (causing a scene, causing a scene.)

Chiefs Kingdom standing tall, feeling ten feet tall, Through the cheers, through the smoke, we answer the f*cking call, Unbeaten, undefeated, we won't ever fall, We Chiefin’, we Chiefin', yeah we're having a ball.

We Chiefin’, we Chiefin', in the end zone we're feastin', KC at the heart, our spirit never ceasin', We Chiefin’, we Chiefin', our victories are increasin', When the Chiefs hit the field, it's your doom we're releasin'.

Yeah, I'm Yung Joka, with the Chiefs, we conquer, On the field, on the charts, no one does it stronger, We Chiefin’, we Chiefin', won't be held back any f*cking longer, In Kansas City, we rise, our unity is our armor.

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