Taking a kid to the game?!

While I cannot recall exactly when I became a chiefs fan, I do clearly recall the day I went from 'fan' to 'fanatic'. It was a glorious win over the Chargers in a rain soaked arrowhead. We tailgated our tails off, saw an awesome helicopter flyover, then watched the chiefs win a fun game. It was glorious.

I want my son to share the same fun experience (albeit much more sober).

Any advice for someone taking a 8 year old to their first game? A couple thoughts of my own:

-Avoid night games(...just a smidge too much booze in that crowd for him, although certainly fine by me)

-He is a bit on the shorter side and you know we will be standing much(if not all) game, any section recommendations?

-Any things he should see(i.e. Hall of Honor)

-Tailgate ideas- likely just him and I so thinking just wondering to the Ford common tailgate area. But open to ideas?!

Figured their would be a few pro's in this crowd with some advice to share. Thanks!

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