Chiefs’ Offseason Progress Report Week 1

Needed to be Done


Still to Do

Increase 2023 cap space

Cut Clark: $19+M

Restructure Mahomes: $10M

Extend Jones?

Add 1-2 OT’s

Signed JTay ($80M/4)

OT2: Niang? PTW? Other?

Add to DL

Signed Omenihu ($16M/2)

Add 1-2 run-stuffers: Nnadi?

Add 1 rotational DE: Dunlap?

Add 1-2 WR’s

Nothing of note

True WR1: Toney? Draft?

Add 3rd S

Signed M. Edwards

Add depth across the board

Signed LB Tranquil

Re-signed IOL Allegretti

Tendered QB Buechele

Tendered P Townsend

Tendered DT Wharton

Tendered TE Fortson

Tendered OL Wanogho

Passing-down RB: CEH? McKinnon?


Long-term roster management

Projected 5th round compensatory pick (Wylie)

Projected 7th round compensatory pick (accumulated)

Extend Sneed?

Trade CEH for a pick/player?

Results to date

· Projected $10M in cap space (without counting Tranquill and Edwards contracts)

· 2 projected 2024 compensatory picks (5th and 7th)

· 1 OT upgrade: younger, more athletic, more versatile, better in pass-pro. Worse in run-blocking

· 1 DL upgrade: younger, more athletic, more versatile, better in pass rush.

· 1 DB upgrade: healthier, more productive

· increased depth

Selected Analysis

While JTay and Omenihu will get the headlines, Tranquill, Edwards, and Allegretti are the sorts of "Belichickian" free agent signings that make a dynasty last:

· Tranquill had 146 tackles last season for the Chargers and he’s our LB4/dime LB at the moment. A deal if not a steal. And it doesn’t hurt that he comes from a division rival. A definite upgrade over Darius Harris who I liked.

· Edwards had his best year last year. Now he gets a chance to win another ring. Also looks like an upgrade over Thornhill in terms of health/production.

· Allegretti is a guy I hope never sees the field except to catch TD’s in the red zone. That said, I’m glad he’s back because he’s a solid player who I thought would get a chance to start somewhere else. He does give the Chiefs flexibility if at some point they decide to kick Thuney to an OT spot.

Final thoughts

There might still be some deals/steals in free agency particularly at WR, but I would have no problem if we made no other moves until the draft begins. We can pick up guys who will not count against the compensatory pick formula after we have made our picks and seen where we stand. If we get offered a 5th rounder or better for CEH, I’d take it. If we extend Jones to create cap space and keep him a few more years, I’m all for it. If CEH goes and we bring back McKinnon or if CEH stays in KC, I’d feel pretty good about our RB room heading into the draft. I like Sneed, and I’d like to see him stay in KC long-term, but I understand if we feel so good about finding gems like him later in the draft that we let him go sign a big contract elsewhere a la Charvarius Ward. (PS. How come whoever is coaching up these young CBs hasn't been given a DC/HC post somewhere?)

All contract and cap numbers were taken from the hard-working guys at OTC.

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