Howie Roseman Executive of the Year? Has PFWA Lost Its Mind?

The Philadelphia Eagles have had a great year: 14-3 record, #1 seed in their conference, Super Bowl berth. You can say they did it against an easy schedule, but they did it. You can say they were lucky when it came to injuries, but they did it. You can think it was brilliant to trade draft picks for a star WR and sign him to a massive contract extension. And you can say that most of Howie’s moves this offseason worked out for this year’s run: besides AJ Brown, Haason Reddick and Chauncey Gardner-Johnson have been exceptional. That’s the good news.

Now the bad: You can’t say that they have any chance at sustained greatness. They’re a one-year wonder. Howie leveraged the Eagles’ future for the present. Even with New Orleans’ #10 pick, they have very few draft picks (6 total: 2 – 1sts, 1 – 2nd, 1 – 3rd, 2 – 7ths).

Now let’s take a look at what Brett Veach and the Chiefs have done: 14-3 record, #1 seed in their conference, Super Bowl berth. Harder schedule. More injuries. Trading away a star WR for draft picks freeing up massive cap space. You can say that Veach’s moves have been more common sense than splashy: trading the Cheetah, tagging OBJ, restructuring Clark contract, signing Juju and MVS, drafting guys who’ve been up and down this year, trading for Toney.

Here’s the good news: Thanks to Veach the Chiefs are set up to make a run again next year, and the year after, and the year after that. They are an AFC dynasty over the last 5 years, and they’re on the verge of being declared an NFL dynasty with a win on Sunday. They have a present AND a future. They currently have at least 11 draft picks, possibly 12 depending on the conditions of the Rashad Fenton trade with Atlanta. They are projected to have 3 compensatory picks for free agents lost (6's for Pringle and Reed, a 7 for Hughes). If they cut Clark, they’ll end up with about 8M in dead cap charges, but they could also restructure again in a way that they get to keep him.

Here's a side-by-side comparison (more impressive accomplishments in bold):






Playoff Seed

#1 in NFC

#1 in AFC

Playoff outcome

Super Bowl berth

Super Bowl berth


2nd easiest


Major Trade

Picks for AJ Brown

Tyreek Hill for picks

Significant FA signings

Haason Reddick
Chauncey Gardner-Johnson


Juju Smith-Schuster

Justin Reid

2023 draft picks

6 total:

2 – 1sts

1 – 2nd

1 – 3rd

2 -7th

11 (or 12) total:

1 – 1st

1 – 2nd

1 – 3rd

2 – 4th

1 – 5th

3 – 6th (2 for Pringle and Reed)

2 or 3 – 7th (1 for Hughes, maybe for Fenton)

2023 cap space

$4M (17 of 32)

$13M (12 of 32)

Proratable salaries

About $60M (31 of 32)

About $130M (11 of 32)

Dead cap after 2022

At least $35.5M (spread out over 4 years)

Currently <$100K
maybe $7.8M if Frank Clark cut

Looking back, how do you give the Executive of the Year award to a one-year wonder rather than the guy who’s had sustained success for the last 5 years? Looking forward, how do you give it to the guy who's leveraged his team's future rather than the guy who's set the table for the next 5 years? Is it because Mahomes is so great? Then give him the MVP every year. Is it because Andy is so great? Then give him Coach of the Year every year. Is it because the roster around them is so great? Then give Brett Veach Executive of the Year. The dude deserves it. Wake up PFWA. In a league that touts parity, how can you overlook 5 consecutive years of AFC dominance? It can’t be overlooked forever. Maybe next year, Brett.

Am I missing something? Please comment if you think I’m wrong… or if you agree.

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