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Frank Clark jokes Tommy Townsend is the Chiefs’ biggest trash talker

Of all the team’s big egos, it’s the punter is who Clark hears the most heckling from.

AFC Championship - Cincinnati Bengals v Kansas City Chiefs Photo by David Eulitt/Getty Images

The Kansas City Chiefs have plenty of players that will make a big play — then make sure the surrounding opponents know exactly what he just did. You’ll see tight end Travis Kelce chopping it up with safeties and linebackers, and defensive tackle Chris Jones doesn’t mind getting in someone’s face, even if their name is Tom Brady (or Matt Ryan, apparently).

Yet, when Chiefs’ defensive end Frank Clark was asked about trash-talking amongst his teammates, one name popped to his mind first — and it was one that many Chiefs fans may have very well named last.

Punter Tommy Townsend has been exposed! The long mane and guiltless smile had us fooled, but Clark let the public in on a well-kept secret.

“My punter, my punter Tommy Townsend talks the most trash I swear to y’all If he says he doesn’t, I don’t want to call him a lying man but... Tommy Townsend talks trash y’all.”

If any fan base understands the egos of punters, it’s Chiefs Kingdom. After 15 seasons of Pro Bowl punting from Dustin Colquitt, Townsend came in and clearly caused some drama as he earned the right to replace the all-time great.

That’s what happens when two alphas in the punting guild collide. The position room simply isn’t big enough for all that personality. It’s a little-known reason why NFL teams rarely carry two punters (or kickers, for that matter).

It’s clear that Townsend has let his first All-Pro honors this season get to his head, bad-mouthing anyone who asks for it. Clark confirmed it.

He must be really be an unapproachable, unfriendly person.

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