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Brett Veach considers franchise tag ‘an option’ for Orlando Brown Jr.

Kansas City has until March 7 to tag the left tackle.

NFL: Super Bowl LVII Opening Night Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Kansas City Chiefs may once again be Super Bowl champions, but that does not stop the NFL’s train from chugging along into the offseason, beginning with the NFL Scouting Combine in Indianapolis this week.

General manager Brett Veach took his turn at the podium on Tuesday — and of course, he was greeted with questions about Kansas City’s most obvious offseason matter: what will happen with impending free agent left tackle Orlando Brown Jr. this time around?

With the window now open, will the Chiefs use the franchise tag for the second season in a row?

NFL: Combine Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

“It’s an option,” said Veach. “We went through this path last year — and as always, it’s more beneficial for us to get something done long-term. That’s why this season is so important for us — and really, this is the start. We’ll have a lot of dialogue. The combine’s great to come in here and check the new college talent — but a lot of the time here, we’re spent talking with the agents of our players. So, we start exchanging information. Unlike last year, I think we have at least a runway to work with.”

Veach went on the say that he and his personnel staff have gotten to know Brown’s representation a little better. It should be remembered that at this time last year, Brown did not have representation.

Brown eventually hired Michael Portner of Delta Sports Group in early June.

“[Brown having an agent is] a big deal because I don’t think we started that until really late in the process — and time became a factor there,” added Veach. “I think that’s certainly going to help facilitate things and we’ll just go to work right away and see what we can get done.”

Veach and Portner negotiated, but the two could not come to an agreement before last year’s deadline — and a good case was made that both sides did their job. Brown initially stayed away from training camp, missing five practices, before signing his tag and reporting to St. Joseph on August 2.

Brown started all 17 regular-season and three playoff games for the Chiefs, making his fourth straight Pro Bowl in the process. Pro Football Focus named Brown its 10th-best free agent, citing his solid second half of the season.

Brown tweeted an exclamation point on Super Bowl night, writing, “0 sacks, put it on a f—king T Shirt!!!!”

Someone did that for him before the Super Bowl champions parade in Kansas City.

Reid last spoke about retaining Brown and fellow free-agent tackle Andrew Wylie on February 14.

“Those guys obviously had good years for us,” said Reid. “I kind of stay out of that world, but I think both guys are very well-liked here — and I’m sure that Brett will surely make a strong attempt to [keep] them here — but we’ll see how that goes.”

If last year is any indication, strap in. This is likely to be just the first of many Brown status updates here at Arrowhead Pride.

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