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LISTEN: Justin Reid says that in the playoffs, bulletin board material counted

The Kansas City safety appeared on “The Jim Rome Show” on Friday.

AFC Championship - Cincinnati Bengals v Kansas City Chiefs Photo by Michael Owens/Getty Images

Kansas City Chiefs safety Justin Reid appeared on CBS Sports’ “Jim Rome Show” on Friday, speaking about winning the Super Bowl, celebrating the victory in downtown Kansas City with tequila, departed offensive coordinator Eric Bieniemy, the beginning of a Kansas City dynasty — and lots more.

Reid said that during the AFC Championship against the Cincinnati Bengals and the Super Bowl against the Philadelphia Eagles, the team got a lot of motivation from the widespread belief that the Chiefs could not win either game.

“There’s a whole conversation about bulletin board material,” he said. “That’s real. And it shows — especially in the high-intensity moments like the Cincinnati game, AFC championship game. Nobody believed in us there — and in the Super Bowl. We saw the predictions.

“So when we first walked into training camp, the conversation was always, ‘Super Bowl.’ That was always the mentality. But outside of the walls of the building — not that those opinions matter — we still heard it. Some of it leaks in. [It] was, ‘Hey, we’re just trying to find [some scraps]. We might not even make the playoffs.’ [It was] like, ‘Man, nobody knows what we have inside of here except us — but that’s okay. We’re gonna build on it, we’re gonna harness that and let it show up on the field when we go play.’”

Listen to Reid’s whole interview above — or click here.

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