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LeSean McCoy says Eric Bieniemy doesn’t have the skills to succeed in Washington

On Monday, the running back once again criticized his offensive coordinator during the 2019 season.

Oakland Raiders v Kansas City Chiefs Photo by Peter G. Aiken/Getty Images

Speaking on FOX Sports’ “Speak For Yourself” on Monday, former Kansas City Chiefs running back LeSean McCoy weighed in on former Chiefs offensive coordinator Eric Bieniemy’s chance for success as the new OC for the Washington Commanders under head coach Ron Rivera.

McCoy, of course, has a history of criticizing Bieninemy. Last May, he said that he didn’t return to the Chiefs because after the 2019 season because of a personality clash with Bieniemy.

“I’m going to say this,” McCoy said. “There’s a reason why every year they hype him up to get a coaching job — head coach or offensive coordinator job — somewhere else and he don’t get one.”

“Some players, he talks to them a certain way — and some players will take it,” said the retired two-time All-Pro. “I wouldn’t take it — like, ‘Whoa.’

“Some questions I would ask, everybody is accountable. That’s why he’s not. Because he’s is a Black coach? That’s not the reason. The reason is ... I won’t get into that.”

But in his remarks on Monday, McCoy didn’t hold back. He claimed that in Kansas City meetings where film for offensive skill players was reviewed, Bieniemy never said anything. Instead, it was head coach Andy Reid who did all the talking.

“Now you go from the Chiefs,” said McCoy, “where you can hide behind Patrick Mahomes [and] Andy Reid — [and] you go to Washington, where you’ve got to call plays? Got to run the meetings? You’ve got to run the installs?”

Then McCoy returned to more familiar territory.

“What makes Andy Reid so great?” he asked. “[It’s] not the play-calls, which we see. I mean, that’s [part] of it. But the other thing is adapting to the players. Bieniemy, [he’s at] my first practice [and] I couldn’t believe it. He’s dog-cussing the players! Like, not just the regular players, [but] Kelce, you know, [and] other players.”

Still, McCoy said he hopes Bieniemy will succeed in Washington.

“I’m rooting for him because he’s a Black coach,” he claimed, “and I love to see Black coaches win.”

After McCoy first spoke about Bieninemy last spring, Reid responded to his statements.

“Sometimes it’s hard on a veteran player,” he told reporters. “Maybe their performance level isn’t what it used to be — and it’s hard to take [criticism] sometimes. [Bieniemy’s] going to push you to try to maximize what you’ve got. That’s one of his strengths.

“He’s no different than he is with you guys. He’ll come in and shoot you straight. Sometimes you want to hear it. Sometimes you don’t.”

Reid then made a point of saying he respected McCoy — before cutting him off at the knees.

“I’m a big LeSean fan,” said Reid. “In my eyes, he’s a future Hall-of-Fame running back. If you look at it statistically, he’s tremendous. But he wasn’t the youngest pup in the kennel here. He was on the back side [of his career] — and sometimes that’s hard to take.”

After leaving the Chiefs, McCoy spent one season with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. He appeared in ten games, gaining 132 yards (and no touchdowns) on 25 touches. But unlike his 2019 season in Kansas City — in which he fumbled the ball three times on 129 touches — he at least held on to the ball in Tampa Bay.


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