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Brett Veach steals show with Super Bowl LVII parade one-liner

When you’re on a stage with Patrick Mahomes and Travis Kelce, that’s tough to do.

Kansas City Chiefs Victory Parade Photo by David Eulitt/Getty Images

Sharing a stage with head coach Andy Reid, quarterback Patrick Mahomes and tight end Travis Kelce, general manager Brett Veach's words stole the show during the Kansas City Chiefs' Super Bowl LVII championship parade on Wednesday (check out all the speeches in full here).

Veach was handed the mic by the "Voice of the Chiefs," Mitch Holthus.

"So... start the season with 24 new faces — 11 of them are rookies, and many people thought this was a retooling year," began Veach.

The GM then grabbed the Lombardi Trophy, the latest of the franchise's three sitting on a display. He lifted it up to the crowd.

"In Kansas City, this is what a rebuilding year looks like right here."

Chiefs owner, chairman and CEO Clark Hunt made excellent points about Veach before his turn, noting that a staggering 20 of the last 22 draft picks were on the club's active Super Bowl roster.

Hunt, the organization's first member to speak, laid out the theme for the rally that each orator shared: they may not have let it on during the process, but the Chiefs heard all of the offseason noise.

"Heading into training camp, a lot of the so-called experts counted us out," said Hunt. "They said we were going to take a step back. They said our division was too tough and that we would be lucky to even make the playoffs. But we knew better. This team knew better, and Chiefs Kingdom, you knew better. I am so proud of this team — their fight, their resilience, their heart. They didn't listen to the noise. They were motivated by the doubters because they knew we had everything we needed to make another run.

"As the great Mitch Holthus told the world, you can doubt the Chiefs, you can dislike the Chiefs, you can disrespect the Chiefs, but you're going to have to deal with the Chiefs."

Hunt called out several individual players for the team's victory, including Mahomes, Kelce, defensive Chris Jones, linebacker Nick Bolton and safety Justin Reid, praising them for their efforts. Veach was sure to thank the athletic training staff led by Rick Burkholder, the video team led by Pat Brazil — as well as his personnel staff.

Hunt and Veach both thanked team president Mark Donovan and Reid.

"There's some great cities in America," started the head coach, "but there's no place you'd rather be, and no greater place to be than right here, baby. You are the Kingdom. And let's give it one for the world...

"How 'bout those Chiefssss."

Reid continued.

"I'm very proud of these guys on the stage, very proud of our organization," he added. "Very proud of all the guys Brett Veach mentioned out in the crowd here. Not very often are you able to say you're the greatest team in the world and have the greatest players in the world and have the greatest organization in the world, and most of all the greatest fans in the world. We love you, man."

Mahomes was the first player to address the crowd after the team's executives.

"Kansas City, we the world champs! Can I get a hell yeah?" cried out Mahomes. "Hey, we just want to say we appreciate everybody that's here today. We're back again. We're back again.

"From where we started this season, the AFC West said we were rebuilding. I'm going to be honest with you — I don't know what rebuilding means. In our rebuilding year, we're world champs! We're world champs!

"I just want to say we appreciate everybody here today. Arrowhead Stadium's one of a kind, and we just want to say Chiefs Kingdom is one of a kind, so give a round of applause for everybody that's standing here today."

Linebacker Nick Bolton represented the defense with some brief words before the Chiefs brought out what Mahomes described as "the main event," Kelce.

"Chiefs Kingdom, let me hear you!" shouted Kelce. "Let me take you back to you 2022 in the month of maybe April. Maybe. Guys were getting signed left and right. The haters were saying that the Chiefs would never make the playoffs. Pfft.

"The haters were saying the Chiefs were done. If you knew the Chiefs were going to win the division, let me hear you say, 'Hell yeah!'

"If you knew the Chiefs were going to get the No. 1 seed, let me hear you say, 'Hell yeah!

"I knew it. You knew it, but they ain't know it.

"If ya'll knew that Patrick Mahomes was going to win the MVP, let me get a, 'Hell yeah!'“

Then Kelce felt overcome by the vibes of Master P.

"If you knew the Kansas City Chiefs were going to have the best offense in the National Football League, let me hear you say, 'Uhhhh. Nah, nah, nah, nah!

"That's a good one right there; I like that one right there.

"If you knew Chris Jones was going to be the best defensive player in the nation, let me hear you say, 'Uhhhh. Nah, nah, nah, nah!

"That feels so good, don't it? Let me hear you say, 'Uhhhh. Nah, nah, nah, nah! Alright, alright, alright!

"Hey Chiefs Kingdom, we do this for you guys. I want you guys to genuinely know this, we do this for you guys and we love every single time you make Arrowhead shake. Whoo! It make me feel like, ‘Uhhh. Nah, nah, nah, nah!

"In all reality, this was the best season of my life. I owe you guys. I owe it to the guys on this stage. I owe it to everybody in Chiefs Kingdom and the organization that we've been able to create.

"Everybody's asking if this is a dynasty. It's been a dynasty. Y'all just ain't notice it until now. Believe that s—t. Feel that s—t, and it's Chiefs Kingdom, forever. We love y'all."

Holthus nearly closed the ceremony, but right before he could, Jones fought the mic from his grasp. The defensive tackle then led the first "Run it back!" chant in two years.

Jones called upon Kelce one more time.

"You got to fight, for your right, to party!" screamed Kelce.

The music hit, and some of the players danced on stage, with the lasting message coming from the words of the Super Bowl LVII MVP.

"I just want to let y'all know that this is just the beginning," said Mahomes. "We ain't done yet. So I'll make sure to hit y'all back next year, and I hope the crowd's the same.

"Appreciate y'all, let's go, baby!"

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