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14 things overheard as the Chiefs won Super Bowl LVII

If you listened carefully on Sunday, you might have heard some of these things.

NFL: Super Bowl LVII-Kansas City Chiefs vs Philadelphia Eagles The Republic-USA TODAY Sports

On Sunday, the Kansas City Chiefs won their second NFL championship in four seasons with a 38-35 win over the Philadelphia Eagles in Super Bowl LVII. Here are some of the things Tom Ruprecht overheard during the victory.

  1. “Okay... now they can say they’ve faced a good quarterback.”
  2. “The 1985 Chicago Bears defense would like an apology.”
  3. “Wonder how much the Eagles paid Vic Fangio to let Patrick Mahomes hang 38 points on them?”
  4. “Nice to see the Arizona groundskeepers really learned from their Week 1 mistakes.”
  5. “When Rihanna went up on that levitating platform, I’m surprised CNN didn’t breathlessly report there was another object floating in U.S. airspace.”
  6. “Explain to me how the New York Giants looked at their wide receiver room and thought Kadarius Toney was the problem.”
  7. “If the NFL banned pushing runners from behind for the first down, the Chiefs would have won this game 38-3.”
  8. “There is no force on Earth more deadly than Patrick Mahomes with a 10-point deficit.”
  9. “In the second half, the Eagles’ defense was clearly still in shock about Rihanna’s pregnancy.”
  10. “I wonder where Miles Sanders and Haason Reddick watched the game.”
  11. “The NFL is such a copycat league that next year, Joe Burrow and Josh Allen will be trying to get high-ankle sprains.”
  12. “Wow Cheffers, when we asked for a makeup call after the Raiders game, we had no idea you’d be so generous!
  13. “Brett Veach is furious. He desperately wanted the 30th draft pick instead of the 31st.”
  14. “I know I should be celebrating, but I’m still mad about the loss to the Indianapolis Colts.”

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