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Super Bowl LVII: Chiefs-Eagles best bets

How should you bet on this year’s Super Bowl?

Super Bowl LVII - Previews Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

The Kansas City Chiefs take on the Philadelphia Eagles in Super Bowl LVII this Sunday night. How should you bet on this game?

Chiefs Game Lines

Team Spread Total Moneyline
Chiefs 1.5 Over 51 105
Eagles -1.5 Under 51 -125

The brightest lights in football. The game to which the whole season leads. But how will the Chiefs fare in this game?

I believe the spread is where it should be. This will be a close game. Two of the top offenses in the game going head-to-head. And the same goes for the game total. 51 points seems fair for this matchup. But the Eagles haven’t faced this tough of a challenge this postseason. They played the New York Giants — who were in way over their heads — and the San Francisco 49ers with their fourth-string quarterback.

Meanwhile, the Chiefs have faced one good and one great opponent in this postseason. I see a close game where Kansas City comes out on top.

Chiefs (+1.5), Over 51, Chiefs Moneyline

Prop Bets

Patrick Mahomes Over 249.5 Passing Yards

Against the Cincinnati Bengals — on one leg — Mahomes threw for 326 yards and two touchdowns. With two extra weeks to heal and a (mostly) healed wide receiver corps, Mahomes should have a similar (or better) game.

Jalen Hurts Under 241.5 Passing Yards

Hurts is a dual-threat quarterback. He can throw or pass the ball. But over the regular season, he only racked up 3,701 passing yards. And in both playoff games, he only threw for a combined 275 yards. I doubt that he will suddenly throw for 250 — even against a rookie secondary.

Isaiah Pacheco Over 48.5 Rushing Yards

Pacheco is the wild card here. Who knows if the lights will get to him — or if he’s geared up and ready for the challenge? He’s racked up 186 all-purpose yards in the playoffs, but only 121 of those have come on the ground. He reached 95 yards rushing against the Jacksonville Jaguars, but only 26 against the Bengals. The Eagles, however, allow 119.3 rushing yards per game.

Miles Sanders Over 60.5 Rushing Yards

The Chiefs allow an average of 107.4 yards per game. And the majority of that total will be achieved by Sanders and Hurts. But I presume the Chiefs will spy Hurts on a majority of plays. That will leave Sanders many chances to get carries.

A.J. Brown Under 71.5 Receiving Yards

Brown had nearly 1,500 receiving yards during the regular season — but in the postseason, he hasn’t made much noise. In fact, he has caught only seven passes for 50 yards in two games. I don’t anticipate that pace will change. The Kansas City secondary has done well shutting down No. 1 wideouts in the playoffs.

Super Bowl Specials

Chiefs Net Yards Over 368.5 Total Yards

Mahomes had 326 passing yards against the Bengals. If he has a similar game — as I expect he will — the Chiefs would only need about 50 rushing yards to break this total.

Eagles Net Yards Under 371.5 Total Yards

I don’t know who in Vegas decided this line. Looking at the box score of the NFC Championship game, the Eagles had a total of 269 yards: 121 passing and 148 rushing. I do not see 372 yards coming out of their offense in this game.

Eagles Most Time of Possession

On the flip side, the Eagles are a run-heavy team. A heavier running attack means longer drives, which means more time of possession.

As always... bet responsibly.

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