Can Mahomes Tie or Exceed Brady's Super Bowl Wins?

Happy Tom Brady Retirement Day.

After Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs lost to Tom Brady and the Bucs in Super Bowl 55, the idea of Mahomes ever catching or breaking Brady's Super Bowl win record seemed far fetched. And it many ways it still is. Instead of Mahomes narrowing the gap in that game, Brady broadened it.

But Mahomes may still be on pace, depending on how long he plays. Since it seems like Brady has played in every other Super Bowl for decades, I sometimes forget that there was a ten-year period in Brady's career in which he did not win a Super Bowl. He's won in 2002, 2004, 2005, 2015, 2017, 2019, and 2021.

Mahomes won't win the Super Bowl every year of his career, of course, and won't need to. Since he's reached the AFC Championship all five years of his NFL playing career and has earned three trips to the Super Bowl out of those five seasons, it seems unlikely that Mahomes will have a ten-year stretch with no Super Bowl wins without an unforeseen dropoff in his talent or talent in the team around him.

Mahomes may not play as long as Brady did, but he might. Both guys are exceptional athletes even among pros. Even if he doesn't, though, if we look at the pacing by decade of each QB's there's time in Mahomes's 20's left to tie or exceed Brady's 3 wins in his 20's. Mahomes is 27 now and has a chance for a second Super Bowl win next Sunday.

His 30's are really where Mahomes could cover some ground. Brady won two in that decade of his life. Mahomes will probably enter his prime during that time and although he'll likely lose at least one season to injury like Brady did, he could seemingly surpass Brady completely in that decade if he snatches two more in his 20's including the upcoming game against the Eagles. If he can do that, four wins in his 30's/early 40's tie Brady and five breaks the record.

If he doesn't, of course, it's still a great era to be a Chiefs fan and one we shouldn't take for granted. Because as we learned from the 50-year drought, reaching a Super Bowl and winning it is very difficult.

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