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11 things overheard as the Chiefs lost to the Raiders on Christmas Day

If you listened very carefully, there were interesting things to be heard as Kansas City lost to Las Vegas.

NFL: DEC 25 Raiders at Chiefs Photo by William Purnell/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

On Monday afternoon, the Las Vegas Raiders handed the Kansas City Chiefs a 20-14 home defeat. Here’s some of what Tom Ruprecht overheard during yet another ugly loss.

  1. “Remember when Patrick Mahomes got that field goal in 13 seconds? Well, today he got two touchdowns in seven seconds! Granted, they were for the Raiders, but still...”
  2. “Today you’ll be visited by the Ghost of 2012 Chiefs’ Past.”
  3. “Davante Adams is going to look good dropping those passes in a Chiefs uniform next season!”
  4. “Matt Nagy found an old play from a 1932 Brown-Penn game in which the running back gets a direct snap and hands it to the quarterback — who fumbles on his own goal line!”
  5. “Um... at least we held the Raiders under 63 points.”
  6. “I guess Patrick did get the offensive linemen golf carts — because they’re playing like retirees.”
  7. “Jack Jones offering a ball to a small child on Christmas — and then yanking it away — earns him immediate induction into the Raiders’ Hall of Fame.”
  8. “This league makes trillions of dollars. Can someone please find Isiah Pacheco a helmet that fits?”
  9. “Instead of the Santa Tracker, this app lets you track how far offsides Kansas City’s wide receivers are lining up.”
  10. “Aidan O’Connell did a great job managing the game. The Raiders needed someone to go 0-6 in the second half — and boy, he delivered!”
  11. “There was one bright spot: this game finally proved to the world that Josh McDaniels is a horrible coach.”

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