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Week 15 AP NFL power rankings: Bills heading back to where they belong

The Arrowhead Pride team ranks the league from top to bottom.

NFL: Buffalo Bills at Kansas City Chiefs Jay Biggerstaff-USA TODAY Sports

Is this rock bottom for the 2023 Chiefs? It feels like it.

When Patrick Mahomes and Andy Reid lose their cool and go off on referees, you know something isn’t right. They may have vented their anger toward the officials, but we all know that this eruption was about more than just one official’s call.

I’m somewhat glad the Chiefs have hit this new low now. Surely they can only go up from here. Hopefully, the climb back to the top starts this week.

This week’s voters were Stephen Serda, Jared Sapp, Nate Christensen and myself

1. San Francisco 49ers (1st)

Brock Purdy for MVP?

2. Dallas Cowboys (4th)

If they get the No. 1 seed, it’s game over for the NFC.

3. Baltimore Ravens (2nd)

They rightfully hold the AFCs No. 1 seed — but is anyone scared of playing them?

4. Philadelphia Eagles (3rd)

Oh, how the mighty of fallen. As it stands, they’re facing the possibility traveling to Tampa on Wild Card Weekend.

5. Miami Dolphins (5th)

And Chiefs fans thought we had a bad weekend!

6. Kansas City Chiefs (6th)

I’m looking forward to Mahomes’ Villain Era.

7. Buffalo Bills (10th)

Josh Allen was as stunned by Mahomes’ outburst as we were.

8. Detroit Lions (7th)

Detroit’s losses are starting to pile up. They look beatable every week.

9. Jacksonville Jaguars (8th)

Trevor Lawrence needs to get healthy fast.

10. Denver Broncos (14th)

Don’t look, but they’re only one game behind the Chiefs.

11. Cleveland Browns (17th)

Joe Flacco is elite.

12. Houston Texans (9th)

So it turns out that if you give Bryce Young’s receivers to C.J. Stroud, he plays a lot like Bryce Young does. Who knew?

13. Green Bay Packers (12th)

At least they had their Super Bowl win last week.

14. Cincinnati Bengals (18h)

The Bengals are going to win enough games to stay relevant — while taking themselves further away from a top-10 pick. I’m here for it.

15. Seattle Seahawks (11th)

Drew Lock’s NFL career is coming to an end, I feel.

16. Los Angeles Rams (19th)

Oh, come on, LA! You had a chance in overtime and blew it.

17. Indianapolis Colts (13th)

The AFC playoffs would be in a better place without the Colts in it.

18. Minnesota Vikings (15th)

3-0 is a soccer score.

19. Pittsburgh Steelers (16th)

The Steelers losing to the Patriots is as automatic as anything in the NFL.

20. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (23rd)

Y’all ready to host the Eagles?

21. Atlanta Falcons (20th)

I’ve seen them linked to Justin Fields next offseason. That would be a lot of fun.

22. New Orleans Saints (22nd)

I swear Derek Carr’s brothers are the only people who like him.

23. Tennessee Titans (25th)

If only DeAndre Hopkins was a Chief.

24. New York Jets (27th)

I’m looking forward to Zach Wilson being the Chiefs' backup next year.

25. Los Angeles Chargers (21st)

The Herbert/Staley connection is (sadly) finally over.

26. Las Vegas Raiders (24th)

How can a team go scoreless in an actual football game?

27. Chicago Bears (28th)

Keep FIelds and trade the No. 1 pick away for a huge haul.

28. Arizona Cardinals (29th)

Can’t lose if you’re on a bye.

29. New York Giants (30th)

The NFL is leaning into this Italian thing, huh?

30. Washington Commanders (26th)

Will Bieniemy be Washington’s head coach next year?

31. New England Patriots (31st)

Bailey Zappe to Zeke Elliot is the answer to New England’s problems. Just like we’ve all been saying.

32. Carolina Panthers (32nd)

Their offense is unwatchable.

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