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9 excuses overheard after the Chiefs’ loss to the Bills

If you listened very carefully, there were interesting things to be heard as Kansas City lost to Buffalo.

Buffalo Bills v Kansas City Chiefs Photo by David Eulitt/Getty Images

On Sunday afternoon, the Buffalo Bills handed the Kansas City Chiefs a bitter 20-17 home defeat. Here are some of the excuses Tom Ruprecht overheard during Kansas City’s fourth loss in six games.

  1. “The only explanation I have for this season is that Netflix is doing a hidden-camera show where they see how many weeks it takes to make Patrick Mahomes explode.”
  2. “I’m mad at Kadarius Toney for blowing the game — but I’m more angry that he turned one of the greatest plays in history into something that’s going to be forgotten in a week.”
  3. “After Toney’s Super Bowl touchdown, I thought, ‘He never has to pay for a drink in Kansas City again.’ Now I’m thinking, ‘Charge ‘em double.’”
  4. “That Jaguars employee who embezzled $22 million from the team still didn’t do as much damage to his organization as Toney’s done.”
  5. “Gee, Kadarius, I haven’t heard anything about a Christmas party at Patrick’s house on Tuesday. You should just go straight home after practice.”
  6. “Don’t be surprised there was no offsides flag on Von Miller. Earlier this week, the NFL showed Miller there was no line he couldn’t cross.”
  7. “Tough day for Kelce. First, he loses a brutal game — and now, he has to try to explain to Taylor Swift why Tony Romo just told 40 million people they’re married.”
  8. “$10 says that right now, Brandon Staley is thinking, ‘Hmm... maybe a 9/11 pep talk CAN work!’”
  9. “Okay guys... great win! But now just like the 9/11 plotters had to focus on 9/12, we have to focus on the Dallas Cowboys.”

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